Greatest Tips That Keep Relationships Going Strong

Relationship is one important factor that plays a very crucial role in the race of human.

A good relationship sparks the way to success and excellence because a whole of what we do directly or indirectly affect the life of others.

Brian Tracy was right when he said “The secret to building and maintaining wonderful relationships is for you to get out of yourself and your own preoccupations in order to get into other people and how they might be thinking and feeling.”

The cause and effect of relationship explain that the way we treat others is the way you get treated too.

Keeping and maintaining a wonderful relationship strong with people isn’t that hard as people make it look. It’s just a desire and determination to leverage people’s emotions to become a better person yourself.

Here are, 6 Tips that keep relationships going strong.

1. “` LOVE “`: Love in this context is actually to see people grow, become more of who they are, achieve more than they think they can.

If you treat people the way they are, you make them worse, but if you treat them the way they could be, they become who they should be.” – Eizu Uwaoma.

You showing more sense of care doesn’t make you vulnerable to emotional negligence. Even if they don’t reciprocate it at first, that shouldn’t deter you to still being a nice person. You have to show them how much you care for them in order for them to show you, how much they care knowing you.

Greatest Tips That Keep Relationships Going Strong

2. “` RESPECT “`: Yes; Everyone deserves some amount of respect if not all. You have got to respect their opinion on certain issues, their views on some topics, their values, belief, culture and most importantly, accept them the way they are.

Show appreciation, be agreeable (lose some argument), smile, show your admiration, pay attention, make them feel important, never criticize, condemn or complain about them, and also, be considerate.

“You feel great and terrific, when you raise other people’s self-esteem” – Brian Tracy.


3. “` APOLOGY “`: Acknowledging your flaws and mistakes and putting up a nice gesture in order to make the relationship work isn’t a sign of weakness.

Research tells us that, there are 3 magic words that keep and sustain relationships; _Please_, _Thank You_ and _I’m sorry_.

When requesting for a favour, do not forget to make use of PLEASE.

Always say THANK YOU, and show how much you do appreciate.

Never hesitate to say I’M SORRY, if you go wrong anytime.


4. “`SENSITIVITY“`: This has a lot to do with emotions. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is very important in dealing with people. You should know when to talk or keep quiet, when to flatter or straight talk When to complement or correct (with love), when to joke or be serious.

You have to know yourself well enough to be able to accept knowing another person, so as to put up with some sacrifice.

You have to be sensitive to their needs, desires and fears and also try to convince them or make them feel you like insurance, in case anything bad happens. Show them you care and how much you are ready to sacrifice for them. it will make them perceive you as being too much open to external attack, and would also, make them want to do the same for you.


5. “` CONSTANT COMMUNICATION “`: You can’t talk about relationship and not talk about communication. Communication is to relationship, as oxygen is to man. The foundation of a great relationship lies in the strength of communication.

Be the first to say Hello, never delay a reply, call often, check on them regularly, listen attentively, pause and think before replying, ask for clarification, when you don’t understand.


6. “` THE GOOD BYEs “`: This one is quite underrated. These are the little things that matter that we ignore.

When closing a conversation, The goodbye, ‘I’ll miss you’, ‘Have a great night’, ‘Talk to you later’, ‘It was nice and fun chatting you’, ‘Thank you, I had a great time with you, Can I get a hug before you go?_ and so on, keeps and gives memories, making them want to text, chat, talk to you more often. Trust me, it does work.


See the thing is, Everyone wants to feel important, you giving them a feel of that brings you closer and dearly to their heart, and with time they reciprocate it. Like the saying goes…

It’s good to love, it’s better to be loved but the best is, to love and to be loved back_.

It all begins with you, yes you reading this because you’re now at advantage, because ‘People do not CARE how much you KNOW until they KNOW, how much you CARE’_.


Written by Igwe Henry Obinna

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