Reasons Why Relationships Fall Apart

The beginning of every relationship is usually fun and interesting just like a fairy tale. Two people fall in love with each other and it seems as if the world will never.

Along the way, problems and challenges may arise. If it is not properly handled, it can lead to a breakup of the relationship.

Someone said if a breakup happens, it means the love wasn’t true but that is true to some extent. It is possible for one to break up with the one they LOVE.

Why Relationships Fail Nowadays

Here are the top 15 reasons why breakups happen in relationships.


This should definitely top the list. This has caused many breakups in many relationships. Cheating is very poisonous and should be avoided at all costs.


2.Trust issues

This is yet another relationship breaker. Unnecessary suspicions kill a relationship but ‘Why would someone go into a relationship with someone they don’t trust?’ This usually results in one partner checking the other emails, messages, social apps, etc. Trust should be fundamental of every relationship but don’t trust blindly.



It is said “Money answereth all things”. Money is very necessary for the survival of every relationship but should the lack of it result in breakup? Unfortunately, lack of money causes the break of many relationships especially if one partner got into the relationship because of money.


4.Different reasons for being in a relationship

Why do people fall in love? Everyone goes into a relationship for a certain reason, maybe because of money, they don’t want to be lonely, they want someone to care for them, etc. So if they aren’t getting what they desire in a relationship, they call it to quit. Reasons define the relationship and it determines how far the relationship will go. So the question is, “how do you know the reason why a person is in a relationship with you? That may be quite tricky to answer but you can know that by their actions and by their words. Watch closely.


5.Poor communication

Communication is one of the most important attributes in a relationship and the lack of it, is one of the biggest problems in a relationship. If a partner cannot communicate his/her feeling to the other, how would one know what the other likes or don’t, what they like to go and don’t?


6. Abuse

This is not limited to physical only. Abuse can be emotional and verbal. Sometimes emotional and verbal tends to be more painful than physical abuse. Words hold power, it can create or destroy any relationship.



Misunderstandings happen for many reasons in a relationship especially if one partner fails to understand the point of view of the other. This usually leads to arguments and the end result of arguments is usually bad at best.



Every human has ego; it’s something natural. The degree of ego is what kills relationships. Sometimes, you have to skip the ‘E’ and let it ‘Go’ (apologize). Ego makes one be selfish, never see his/her mistakes, never listens to their partner, always makes one think they are better than their partner.



Jealousy is a killer of every relationship and it creates problems that weren’t there. It can result in possessiveness which is usually common among women. Although, there are factors that cause this bad omen like cheating and experience from previous relationships. The relationship is like sand loosely held in the hand. The moment you squeeze your hand tightly, some of the sand spills off, that is breakup happens.


10.Not feeling loved any more

In the book “The 5 languages of love” by Garry Chapman, he identified that every human, old or young has a ‘love tank’ that needs to be filled. In order to fill it, one must identify the love language of the individual. If the love tank of the individual is not filled, this will result in “ not feeling loved” by this individual which might lead to a breakup in the relationship. “Its OK to love in your own way but if you want your love to be felt, then you have love in the direction, the person you love wants to be loved”.


Assumptions! Assumptions!! Assumptions!!!  Assumptions kills. Instead of assuming, why not ask questions to get clarified on the matter. Assume less, communicate more to have a better relationship.


12.Found someone better

People tend to breakup a relationship if they found someone who treats them than the current partner.


13.High expectations

Too many expectations not only harms a relationship but also harms the expectant if the expectations aren’t met. In a relationship, the most a person can give you is 80% of what you need, there will be always 20% they don’t have to give you. The mistake we make is, we leave the 80% to find the 20% in someone else. The problem is the next another person will be lacking 20% as well. The key to a good relationship is to know the other person’s weakness and strength, then give them room to be who they are. Don’t try to squeeze them into your type. Nobody can be 100% to you no matter what.


14.Hiding Secrets

In a relationship, everything is meant to be clear between the two partners. None of the partners should hesitate to tell the other anything that can deter the relationship later on.


15.Pressure from family and friends

This usually happens if the family and friends are not in support of the relationship because of some certain reason

Final Thoughts

Every relationship will surely encounter challenges at a certain time. When this happens, breaking up the relationship isn’t always the best solution. Sometimes, you just have to just hold on, check your attitude and be optimistic that there will be a change. Eventually, if breakups happen, just know that sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

Just let it GO.

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