How To Charge Your Phone Very Fast

In modern reality, it is not difficult to quickly charge a phone with a lithium-ion or lithium-polymer battery. The main thing is to know the subtleties of the process. Let’s analyze all the working methods in detail. The manual is suitable for all models and brands: iPhone, Alcatel, Asus, Vernee, Oukitel, Lenovo, Phillips, Prestigio, Sony Xperia, HTC, Samsung, Xiaomi, Umidigi, Leagoo, Tecn0, Infinix, Itel, Oppo, Doogie, Huawei, HomTom, etc.

Use high-quality accessories

How To Charge Your Phone Very Fast
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You should buy branded chargers and charging cables and avoid cheap ones. Cheap chargers can easily get damaged and also it charges your phone very slow. You may have noticed that high — quality cables feed your smartphone faster than non-original ones, such as those taken from a friend.

Enabling power-saving mode or airplane mode

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In this case, all unnecessary applications will be closed, the brightness will decrease, network search will be disabled – all those things that take up power. The efficiency of this method is approximately 3-5%.

Don’t touch your phone again

The less battery your phone uses, the faster it charges. If possible, do not touch it, and especially do not run processes that require high power (watching videos, playing games, GPS, etc.). The dormant state of the smartphone is the key to fast, uniform charging.

Close the active application

You need to open the list of background processes and close all unnecessary ones – they “eat” the charge, but are useless. Only those applications that are currently in use should be kept open. The efficiency is 1-3%.

Turn off your smartphone

Try to find the strength to dispense with the phone while it is connected to the power supply: just turn it off. This way, the smartphone will not waste battery power, and, accordingly, it will charge faster. This is the simplest and most obvious action imaginable.

Choose a cable over wireless charging

Wireless charging is a very convenient thing if you just want to put your smartphone on it, forget about it, and then pick it up fully charged. But when you need to fill up the battery as quickly as possible, it is better to choose to connect to the power supply via a wire.

Disable the syncing process

If you can’t connect the gadget to an outlet or power Bank and only have a computer at hand, you will have to charge from the USB port. But even in this case, the process can be slightly accelerated. To do this, after connecting the cable, select the “charge Only” mode. You won’t be able to transfer files to your smartphone, but it will help you recharge your battery a little faster.

Do not overheat or overcool your smartphone

When the batteries are overheated or overcooled, they gain more slowly and lose charge faster. And in General, heat and cold negatively affect the health of the battery. The smartphone will feel best at normal room temperature.

Therefore, do not place the device on the charger in cold places, or, conversely, on a Sunny windowsill. If the room is hot, at least remove the cover from the device.

How To Charge Your Phone Very Fast

  1. Use high-quality accessories with fast charging function
  2. Enabling power-saving mode or airplane mode
  3. Don’t touch your phone again
  4. Close the active application
  5. Turn off your smartphone
  6. Choose a cable over wireless charging
  7. Disable the syncing process
  8. Do not overheat or overcool your smartphone


How to Know When Your Phone will be Fully Charged

This mainly depends on the phone’s battery capacity and the charger’s amperage used. The higher the phone’s battery capacity, the higher amperage (amps) required. Don’t worry about what amp is, I will explain it, So relax!

Let’s get started!

What is mAh or mA Of A Battery?

If you are observant, you must have seen it on your power bank, phone’s charger, your smartphone’s battery, or any electronic devices. What does it mean, you may ask. mAh can be found written on your smartphone’s battery and power bank while mA can be seen on smartphone’s charger.

The mAh specification of a battery or any device simply means milliampere-hours. mAh is the amount of milliamperes that a battery can supply to a circuit or device for one hour. It also determines how long a battery will be able to last on a phone.
If a battery has a mAh specification of 2600mAh, it means it can provide 2600mA (milliamperes) for one hour. Likewise, a battery with a mAh specification of 5000mAh can provide 5000mA for 1 hour.

How to calculate how long it will take a battery to be fully charged.

This depends mainly on two factors which are:
• The mAh of the battery
• The mA of the charger.
If the mAh of a battery is 3000 and has to be recharged. The time taken for the battery to be fully recharged depends on the mA of the charger. Let say the mA of the charger is 600mA and is to be used to recharge a 0% battery of 3000mAh, it will take 5hours for the battery to attain 100%.
Thus,3000mAh battery can be recharged in the following ways:

  • 800mA charger will take 3.75hrs
  • 1000(1)ma charger will take 3hrs
  • 1500(1.5)mA charger will take 2hrs
  • 2000(2)mA will take 1.5hrs

Thus, we can conclude that the higher the mA of a charger the faster the phone’s battery gets charged.

In a scientific term

The time taken for a battery to be fully charged is directly proportional to the mAh of the battery and inversely proportional to the mA of the charger provided there is no energy loss.

So whenever you want to charge your phone’s battery very fast, always watch out for its mA value. The output voltage of every phone’s charger is usually constant (5V), only the mA varies.


Practically, this estimation will not be true due to energy loss through heat and resistance and also if the battery is in use during charging, the quality of the cable, etc.

In the same way, a battery/power bank with higher mAh values will last longer than a battery with lower mAh values. That’s the higher the mAh, the longer it lasts.

Theoretically, in order to determine the number of times a power bank can recharge a phone’s battery, it all depends on both the phone’s battery capacity and the power bank capacity. If you a power bank of 30,000mAh which will be used to charge a battery of 3000mAh, the number of times the power bank can charge the battery will be 10 times (power bank mAh value divided by battery mAh value).

Practically, the power bank will not charge your phone up to 10 times because of energy loss through heat and other factors.
So the higher the mAh value of the power bank, the better in terms of the number of times you can use it before it is exhausted.

Also note the higher mAh value of the power bank, the bigger and heavier it will be.

Source: Eugene Komlev (expertland)


Is it OK to charge phone overnight?

You should not often leave your phone fully charged on its cord all night: fluctuations between a full charge and attempts to recharge it by the last fractions of a percent will lead to lower charge-discharge cycles and shorten the battery life.

How to charge Your phone faster on laptop

  1. Use quality cable.
  2. Switch to flight mode
  3. Switch off your phone.
  4. Select Charge only when you connect

Why is my phone charging so slowly?

The main reason your  smartphone is charging slow is due to a bad cable or the charger. 

Do cell phones charge faster when turned off?

Smartphones tend to charge two times faster when they are switched off than when they are active.

Is it bad to charge your phone on airplane mode?

There is nothing absolutely wrong to charge your phone on airplane mode. Airplane mode helps your smartphone charge faster.

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