Zambia Army Recruitment 2020
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Zambia Army Recruitment 2020- Are you interested in joining the Zambia Army? Then this article is for you. Make sure you read it to the end. In the article, we shall discuss how to apply for Zambia Army recruitment and the requirement for application. This recruitment is being carried out by the Zambia Army Recruitment Agency.

About Zambia Army Recruitment 2020 Agency

The Zambia Army Recruitment Agency is more popularly known as the Zambia Government Recruitment Agency. This Agency is an organization whose mission is to enlist individuals in the Zambia Army and other defense forces, to complete mandatory recruiting training, and to ensure that such persons are well-trained and properly qualified to serve in a Zambia Army unit.

The Zambia Army Recruitment Agency was established in May 1993 by the Zambia National Defence Force and received its own headquarters building. As a result of this, the Zambia Army Recruitment Agency is the only recruitment agency in the world whose headquarters are located in a military compound. Zambia’s modern recruitment process works through a screening process and administrative requirements.

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This agency works hard to promote the idea of soldiers in Zambia. The Zambia Recruitment Agency employs several strategies for that purpose. For instance, in order to increase membership in the Army, the Zambia Recruitment Agency arranges events and offers incentives. It also sponsors activities such as camouflage courses, strategic thought training, and team training sessions, amongst others.

In addition, the Zambia Recruitment Agency coordinates with the education sector to produce and distribute free educational materials to students in the region. This results in not only increased enrollment in universities but also increased enrollment in the Zambia Army. The Zambia Recruitment Agency supports education through project works, and their scholarships to high school students are very popular.

Even the education sector has been able to use the Zambia Recruitment Agency as a platform to market its products and services. This agency has a long-standing partnership with Zambia’s leading and most renowned universities have developed their own logos. These logos are attached to various materials such as posters, promotional material, pamphlets, and other forms of advertisement and marketing strategies.

According to the Ministry of Defence, there are more than 3 million citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 in Zambia. About seventy percent of the population is employed in the mining sector, and the population also consists of people who work as farmers and cattle herders. These are some of the key reasons why there are high chances for Zambians to sign up for a career in the Zambia Army.

While many Zambians are employed in the mining sector, there are other sectors that hire Zambians as well. These sectors include healthcare, the legal, transportation, and the education sectors.

Zambia Army Recruitment Agency conducts several operations and projects each year. These projects aim to employ and retain qualified members of the Army. These projects include:

In addition, the Zambia Recruitment Agency supports the Zambia Secondary School Teachers’ Association and the Zambia Secondary School Students’ Association. These two organizations help to develop the whole teaching sector and the whole secondary education sector in Zambia.

The Zambia Recruitment Agency has grown a large network of people in the mining and manufacturing sectors. This network is known as the ‘Zambia Law and Industry Society’

There are also some other projects that the Zambia Recruitment Agency has implemented. These projects are geared towards giving more opportunities to young boys and girls to enroll in the Army. These projects aim to give opportunities to young people to join the Zambia Army through the promotion of awareness.

About Zambia Army

The Zambian Armed forces could be a piece of the Zambian military Guard Power. Like all branches of the Zambian military, voters of the country square measure needed to register at 16years, and natives will be part of at 16years with parental assent or at 18years after they are delegated grown-ups by the Zambian Government. Zambian Army summarizes its basic expectations into seven core values, that are loyalty, duty, respect, personal determination, discipline, integrity and honor. Though job responsibilities vary by assignment, the core values apply to each soldier, in spite of job or rank.

The Zambian Army is a subunit of the Zambian Defense Force. Like all branches of the Zambian military, Zambian nationals have to register at sixteen and will be part of at sixteen with parental consent or at eighteen after they get classified as adults by the government. There is no forced service. Candidates should be Zambian nationals and should have a Grade Twelve certification. Candidates should additionally bear a check for HIV on time period. Personnel will serve till age sixty-five, once there’s a compulsory retirement.

  • There presently exist 3.041 million men between 16-49 that are termed as man-power (this doesn’t mean that every one of them can be conscripted), and 2,948,291 ladies females aged from16-49 that are termed as man-power. This makes a complete of 5.99 million individuals termed as man-power.
  • There presently exist 1.745 million men that have been tagged as fit military service between the ages of 16-49. There presently exist 1.688 million females that have been tagged as fit military service between the ages of 16-49.
  • 1.55% of the Gross Domestic Product of Zambia is spent on the military.


Zambian Army summarizes its basic expectations in is seven core values, that square measure loyalty, duty, respect, personal spirit, unselfish service, integrity and honor. Though job responsibilities vary by assignment, the core values apply to each soldier, in spite of job or rank.


Before you register, it’s best to form positive you have got the subsequent data ready:

  • Must be a Zambian and posses a green national registration card
  • Must have (14) points and below at grade twelve level that ought to embody English, Mathemetics, Science and 2 subjects.
  • Should be between eighteen (18) and twenty 5 (25) years older and not but 160com tall.
  • Must be medically, physically and mentally capable
  • Height 1.73m or 5’8 feet for male and 1.65m or 5’4 feet for female
  • Holder of a full Grade twelve (Twelve) Certificate with 5 (5) “0” levels with a minimum of a credit or higher in English, arithmetic and any Science subject
  • Applicants must not have any criminal record or have an unresolved criminal case in court
  • Female candidates should not be pregnant at the time of application

There is not any enrollment. Candidates should be Zambian nationals and should have a Review of twelve confirmation. Candidates ought to likewise expertise a check for HIV on choice. Men will serve till age sixty-five, once there’s obligatory retirement.

Qualifications for Zambia Army Recruitment 2020

Qualifications classes embody commissioned and non-commissioned officers.

Commissioned officers:

  • 14 points and below
  • 25 years and below for college leavers
  • 27 years for specialists including engineers, clinic officers, accountants, etc.
  • 35 years for medical doctors

Step to Take for Your Application.

As the application and choice method is incredibly thorough, you wish to permit yourself time to arrange. this implies giving yourself time to collect all the private information and documents before you start.

How to Join the Zambian Army Accomplishment.

There is no enrollment. Candidates should be Zambian nationals and should have a Review twelve confirmation. Candidates ought to likewise expertise a take a look at for HIV on choice. Men will serve till age sixty five, once there’s associate degree obligatory retirement.

Military Service Age and Obligation.

National registration needed at age 16; 18-25 years old-time for male and feminine voluntary military service (16 years old-time with parental consent); no conscription; Zambian citizenship required; grade twelve certification required; obligatory HIV testing on enlistment; obligatory retirement for officers at age sixty five (Army, Air Force) (2012)

Zambia Army


The current Army organization is:

3 infantry brigades :

1 Brigade, Lusaka

2 Brigade, Kabwe (during July 2016 the Brigade Commander was general officer Martin Banda)

3 Brigade, Ndola (during March 2017 the Brigade Commander was general officer Laston Chabinga).

With the subsequent units:

  • 64 Armoured Regiment (tank). U.S. State Department International Military Education and Training records from FY-2006 indicate a Zambian officer attended from sixty four Armoured Regiment at Mikongo Barracks, east Lusaka.
  • 17 Cavalry Regiment (armoured reconnaissance)
  • 10 Medium Regiment, Kalewa Barracks, Ndola (also given as associate degree artillery regiment/brigade of 2 hearth Direction Artillery Battalions and one Multiple Rocket Launchers battalions)
  • 1 Engineer Regiment, Mufulira
  • 6 Construction Regiment, raised March 2017?[46]
  • One mechanized battalion
  • Six lightweight foot battalions titled one to six Battalions Northern Rhodesia Regiment
  • 1 Commando Battalion (special forces), Ndola
  • 48 Marine Unit, Kawambwa, raised July 2015.[4][47]
  • Three Reserve infantrybattalions (7 to nine Battalions Northern Rhodesia Regiment[48])
  • Support units (logistics, transport, medical, ordnance, electrical and mechanical engineering)
  • Specialist faculties (armour, artillery, engineers and signals)

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Official Website


What is the address of the Zambia Army?

The address is at Arakan Barracks, Independence Avenue, Lusaka, Zambia.

Address: Ministry of Defence
Independence Avenue
P/Bag RW 17X, Arakan Barracks, Lusaka
Tel: +260 211 251211
Tel: +260 211 251211


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