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The University of Abuja (UniAbuja) is a prominent institution in Nigeria, known for its commitment to providing quality education across various disciplines. As is the case with most universities, UniAbuja has specific cut-off marks for admission into its various undergraduate programs.

These cut-off marks serve as benchmarks to determine the minimum scores required for prospective students to be considered for admission into their chosen courses. In this article, we have made a list of all departmental courses and their cut-off mark.

Understanding Cut-off Marks

Cut-off marks are predetermined scores set by universities to regulate the admission process. These marks are established based on various factors, including the number of applicants, the capacity of the institution, and the competitiveness of different courses. It’s important to note that cut-off marks can vary from year to year and are subject to change based on the university’s discretion.

UniAbuja Cut-off Marks

UniAbuja, like other Nigerian universities, sets cut-off marks for each course offered at the undergraduate level. These cut-off marks are generally announced and published by the university’s admission office. They are typically categorized into different faculties or departments, reflecting the diversity of courses available.

Factors Influencing Cut-off Marks

Several factors influence the determination of cut-off marks at UniAbuja:

  1. Number of Applicants: If a particular course receives a high number of qualified applicants, the cut-off mark may be set higher to ensure that the most qualified candidates are admitted.
  2. Capacity of the Institution: The university’s capacity to accommodate students in various programs can affect cut-off marks. Courses with limited space may have higher cut-off marks to select the most competitive candidates.
  3. Previous Academic Performance: The historical performance of students in a specific course may influence the cut-off mark. If a course consistently attracts high-achieving students, the cut-off mark may be set accordingly.
  4. National Policies: Government policies and regulations can also play a role in determining cut-off marks, ensuring alignment with broader educational objectives and standards.


The University of Abuja Cut-Off Mark

The University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) requires a minimum score of 180 for your UTME (JAMB) for any course you choose.

You must achieve the 180 cut-off mark set by UNIABUJA to be eligible to purchase the University of Abuja Post UTME form and be considered for admission in 2024.

Uniabuja Departmental Cut-Off Mark For All Courses

A department’s cut-off mark establishes the minimum requirement for admission to that department within a given university.

Following are the University of Abuja’s departmental cutoff scores:

  • Agricultural Science and Education – 230 and above
  • Accounting – 240 and above
  • Agriculture – 240 and above
  • Arabic Studies – 200 and above
  • Banking and Finance – 230 and above
  • Biology – 230 and above
  • Business Administration – 230 and above
  • Business Management – 230 and above
  • Chemical Engineering – 250 and above
  • Chemistry – 230 and above
  • Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies
  • Civil Engineering – 250 and above
  • Computer Science – 240 and above
  • Drama / Dramatic / Performing Arts – 220 and above
  • Economics – 230 and above
  • Education and Arabic – 220 and above
  • Education and Biology – 220 and above
  • Education and Chemistry – 220 and above
  • Education and Christian Religious Studies – 220 and above
  • Education and Economics – 220 and above
  • Education and Geography – 220 and above
  • Education and Integrated Science – 220 and above
  • Education and Islamic Studies – 220 and above
  • Education and Mathematics – 220 and above
  • Education and Physics – 220 and above
  • Education and Social Studies – 220 and above
  • Electrical Engineering – 240 and above
  • English and Literary Studies – 220 and above
  • Environmental Education – 220 and above
  • Geography – 230 and above
  • Guidance and Counseling – 220 and above
  • History – 220 and above
  • Islamic Studies – 200 and above
  • Linguistics – 220 and above
  • Mathematics – 230 and above
  • Mechanical Engineering – 240 and above
  • Medicine and Surgery – 250 and above
  • Microbiology – 230 and above
  • Nursing- 240 and above
  • Philosophy – 220 and above
  • Political Science and International Relations – 230 and above
  • Primary Education Studies – 210 and above
  • Public Administration – 220 and above
  • Statistics – 230 and above
  • Veterinary Medicine – 240 and above

How to Calculate UniAbuja Cut-off Marks

To determine your UNIABUJA aggregate score, combine your JAMB score with your Post UTME score and divide the sum by 2. This calculation yields your average or aggregate score. For instance, if your JAMB score is 180 and your Post UTME score is also 180, the calculation would be (180 + 180) / 2 = 180.


UniAbuja’s cut-off marks for all courses are pivotal in guiding prospective students as they prepare for the admission process. It’s crucial for applicants to stay informed about the specific requirements for their desired courses and to aim for scores that align with or surpass the designated cut-off marks. Additionally, keeping abreast of any updates or changes to the cut-off marks ensures that applicants have the most accurate information during the admission period.

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