Have you heard of Udemy? In this article, we will extensively explain what Udemy is about and also how to download Udemy courses for free. Having said that, let’s get started!

What is Udemy

This is one of the largest and leading online learning platform on the web. It has more than 10 million students learning. The interesting parts of learning on Udemy are you can choose the language (over 70 languages) you want to learn with and most of its lessons/tutorials are in video form. There are over 100,000 turkishonlinecasinos.com courses you can learn.

After successful completion of any udemy course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion. The certificate will contain your name, name and signature of your instructor and udemy logo.

It is important to note that no Udemy courses are currently accredited for college. Courses on Udemy are just for improving job-related skills.

Udemy can be likened to Coursers in which teachers from universities and colleges are the instructors but the difference is the accreditation.

Learning on this platform can be conveniently done on your PC,mobile or mobile app and it’s fun as you can ask the instructor questions after each lesson. Learning on your mobile app is the best because you can easily access it anytime, anywhere you want but it has a few limitations.

Categories of Courses on Udemy

  • Development

  • Business

  • IT & Software

  • Office Productivity

  • Personal Development

  • Design

  • Marketing

  • Lifestyle

  • Photography

  • Health & Fitness

  • Teacher Training

  • Music

  • Academics

  • Language

  • Test Prep

How To Download Udemy Courses

Normally, it does not support downloading of their courses to your system because it can lead to distribution of the videos.

However, here’s how to download Udemy courses which is achieved by using a software known as Udemy Course Downloader.

Udacity Vs Udemy

Free Udemy Courses |Udemy Free Courses Download 2020

Normally, courses on this site are paid courses but there are some totally free Udemy courses you can start. Below are some of the free udemy courses you can start with:

  1. Free SQL Tutorial – The SQL and MySQL Master
    • In this course, you will :
      • You’ll learn from the basics to the advanced level on DataBases..
      • You’ll acquire deep knowledge from scratch to advanced on the Structured Query Language (SQL)..
      • You’ll do practical and real exercises to obtain information from a DataBase..
      • Everything on Stored Procedures to a high level..
      • You’ll learn about about VIEWS in MySQL..
      • You’ll learn how to program EVENTS in the MySQL engine..
      • You’ll learn about one of the most popular free DataBase engine: MySQL..
      • You’ll learn about one of the best client tools for the management of MySQL: HeidiSQL..
      • You’ll have personalized support for your real life, work related, or thesis exercises..
      • You’ll learn about TRIGGERS in MySQL..
      • You’ll learn about TRANSACTIONS in MySQL..
  2. Free Salesforce Administration Tutorial – Salesforce Admin & Platform App Builder For Beginners
    After learning this course you will be able to: 

    • Define what is Cloud Computing
    • Understand what is Salesforce and the basics of CRM
    • Force .com and types of Environments in Salesforce
    • What are Standard and Custom Objects
    • Create Apps, Tabs, Objects, and Fields in Salesforce
    • Define relationships between objects
    • Apply Validation Rules
    • Create Formula Fields, Cross Object Formula Fields, and roll-up summary fields
    • Customize the UI using page layouts, search layouts, and mini page layouts
    • Create list views, actions, and action page layouts
    • Understand Record Types
    • Managing Data through Data Import and Export Tools
    • Controlling the security of Data at various levels of data access
    • Setting Organization Wide Default and Sharing Rules
    • Create queues
    • Process Automation through Workflows, Approval Processes, and Process Builder
    • Understanding the MVC Architecture
    • Creating Reports and Dashboards
    • Sales and Service Cloud Apps in Salesforce

In this course, you will :

  1. Learn the basics of Certified Ethical Hacking.
  2. Gain the core knowledge of Ethical Hacking.
  3. Boost your hacking skills.
  4. Boost your Ethical Hacking career.
  5. Get your hacking certificate. Apply for Ethical Hacking jobs confidently.

4. Complete Ethical Hacking Course – Learn From Scratch

In this course, you will :

  • Learn the basics of Certified Ethical Hacking.
  • Gain the core knowledge of Ethical Hacking.
  • Boost your hacking skills.
  • Boost your Ethical Hacking career.
  • Get your hacking certificate. Apply for Ethical Hacking jobs confidently.
5. How to Start Your Own Podcast the Easy Way & Grow by Yaswanth Nukasani
Start & Grow Your Own Podcast with Little Cost and Build a Tremendous Following

6. Communicating Effectively Using the POETIC Framework by Mohibul Nahar

A Communications Course in Preparing, Structuring, and Delivering Engaging and Informative Presentations & Discussions

7. FREE Excel Basics for Beginners-Top Tutorials,Tips,Tricks! by Waqar Ahmad

Learn by doing in small, easy to understand bite sized chunks! Learn VLOOKUP,Macros,Operators,Custom Formats and More!


How to Search For Free Courses On Udemy

  1. Visit Udemy.com on your mobile phone or PC
  2. Type ‘Free’ on the search box ad tap search
  3. All the free courses on udemy will show.

There are over 6,000 courses on Udemy you can take all for free. So, visit the site now and start learning immediately.


How Do I Enroll For Udemy Free Course

It’s easy, all you have to is register with your details. After doing that, you will accepted to start the course.

How To Get a Refund on Udemy

You can get refund on Udemy course by simply contacting their support team. In order to be eligible for refund, it must be dine within 30 days of purchase of the course.

You can also make a refund on the course you purchase by simply clicking on the ellipses at the top right-hand corner of the course player, and then select Request a refund. Make sure you include the course URL when when you request for refund.

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