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There have been series of argument about the best Massive Open Online Course (MooCs) platforms to increase or learn new skills whether to go for Udemy or Udacity. There are other Massive Online Open Online Course Platforms like Coursera, Lynda, Codecademy, Masterclass, edx, Khan Acedemy and so on but Udacity and Udemy seems to be the most popular among all.

In this article, we are going to discuss the similarities and difference between Udemy and Udacity.

Before we talk about the differences, 1xbetgov.com let’s take a short review about Udemy and Udacity.

Udemy Overview

Udemy is founded by a successful software designer named “Eren Bali”. They likes to be referred as ” an online learning marketplace”.

It was launched in 2010 and bli83.com
currently have students over 15 million, also have courses over 100,000 in their database.

Learning on on this plaform is being handled by experienced instructors and you can easily get access to any lesson on your mobile.

Udacity Review

Udacity is founded by 3 men, named Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens and Mike Sokolsky,vof course just like Udemy. The name “Udacity” comes from the word “audacious”. They aim to create University-level education to users at low cost. In order to achieve this aim, they brought commendable instructors around the globe.

It currently offers over 150 courses and has over1.6 million users.

They offer a Nanodegrees to some courses which provided feedback, coaches and a sense of belonging to a community.

Having read through the overview of Udacity and Udemy, you can conclude they have some similarities. Let’s talk about these similarities.

Similarities Between Udemy and Udacity

We shall state these similarities in listed form.

  • They both Massive Online Open Courses (MooCs)
  • They offer beginners, intermediate and expert level courses. Also, include quizzes and assessment to the lessons.
  • You can get video based on-demand.
  • Courses are taught by great instructors who have vast experience.
  • The prices of the courses are quite affordable.
  • Lastly, their site is quite easy to navigate and also very fast.

Now, let’s move to the differences between these two MooCs which is our main aim of this article.

Differences Between Udacity and Udemy

The simple difference between both is Udacity has ‘acity’ and Udemy has ’emy’. You may be wondering what acity and emy means. Right? It means absolutely nothing….lol…… jokes apart let’s state the differences.

We shall differentiate them based on their objective, course offering and its quality, Course Duration, Learning Plan & Difficulty, Certification, Pricing and discount and Refund policy.

  1. Objective: Udacity’s main aim is to create a university-level education with high quality and at affordable rate ( low cost). While Udemy’s main aim is to succor anyone, learn anything, no wonder it is tagged “an online learning marketplace.”
  2. Course Offering and its Quality: It’s very obvious that Udemy offers more courses than Udacity almost every field of study. Anybody can teach on Udemy as far as you feel confident about the course you want to teach. The tutors maybe authors, professors, entrepreneurs, public speakers, etc. Unlike Udacity, having knowledge of the course is just isn’t enough, you may need to show proof. Udemy partners with Individual Instructors while Udacity partners with notable tech companies like Google.Therefore, Udacity’s course tutors are Industry employers and experts from tech companies.Below are the courses on Udemy:
    • Business
    • Marketing
    • Test Preparation
    • Languages
    • Music
    • Personal Development
    • Office Productivity
    • Information Technology
    • Software Development
    • Web Design
    • Lifestyle
    • Photography
    • Teacher Training
    • Health & Fitness.

    Below are the courses on Udacity:

    • Web Design
    • Virtual Reality
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Data Science
    • Computer Programming
    • Mobile Device Development
    • Digital Marketing
    • Robotics
  3. Course Duration: There is no specific or standard time duration for the courses offered in Udemy. Student can finish any course they depending on their level of understanding and time they delicate to learning. Udemy’ courses duration can as short as 30 minutes and up to hours depending on the course you taking.However, in Udacity, the case is quite different. The courses on Udacity are timed program and last up to a few months to years. The reason for this, is they want to achieve university kind of training. You can finish some courses on this platform within few days.
  4. Learning Plan & Difficulty: The learning plan on Udemy is quite very flexible, simple and interactive for anyone to learn because the tutors can create quizzes and assignments in order to make learning very effective and fun.While at Udacity, the tutors also create assignments and quizzes. However, some of the courses are project-based, thus, the content may pose a challenge for some individuals (beginners) to comprehend.
  5. Certification: After each course completion, Udemy provides certificate to students. However, they do not provide certificate for personal development courses.As for Udacity, students get certificate for studying a Nanodegree. Before you receive this certificate, you will have to pay by subscription for the courses.
  6. Pricing and Discount: The prices of Udemy’s courses ranges $10 to $200 and also special discounts are occasionally available. You can start Udacity course for as low as  $199 monthly. You can get Udemy coupon here.
  7. Refund Policy: You can get a refund within 30 days of purchase on Udemy. If it exceeds 30 days, you cannot get any refund. This implies that when you pay for a course, later within the month you purchase the course. You change your mind, you will definitely get a refund.However, for Udacity,  the case is quite different. You can cancel your enrollment at any time but you can’t get a refund. Once you’ve paid for a course at a given month, you’ll can never get your money back. You have the options to either finish the course forgo your money.

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Reviews Of Udemy Vs Udacity from users

These reviews were gotten from Quora.

This is what Zaira Khan (former Data Scientist at Accenture) has to say:

1. Udacity is by experts and Udemy is by random person looking for making money for themselves.
2. Udacity will not block your account or take off instructors course, but Udemy definitely will.
3. Its certification is valuable, but Udemy is just a wastage.
4. Udacity reviews are genuine by genuine students, Udemy FREE coupons to family and friends for five star ratings.

5. Udacity platform was made by keeping in mind to teach world students by well known Tutors , Udemy was built by some random entrepreneur to make money from the courses published by some random unqualified persons, that even don’t qualify sound quality.

Well, that’s her own opinion.

See what George Ampartzidis (studied Android Applications & Android Applications at Udacity) has to say:

“I have completed a nanodegree course (Android Basics) and a few other and I have just begun a course in Udemy, so I have more experience using the Udacity platform and I can’t speak about the Gaylord of the Udemy lessons.
That said I would say that both platforms are good in terms of functionality. What impressed me from using Udacity was that no matter what the course, the content was delivered flawlessly and, most of the time, in an engaging manner. I was impressed from day one, without doubt. I would also agree that the content quality of Udemy’s courses could be under question, as they are prompting anyone who might think that they would be good at delivering a course to do so… However, you can find some good courses there, too. Just don’t count only on the reviews provided by Udemy itself, but also in sites like Quora.”

Sonny Ng, (former Infosec Researcher) has this to say:

“Having tried both platforms, I can attest that each have its own strengths and weaknesses. Udacity courses consistently comprise of university level content and quality of teaching, developed by professional educators. Paid subscription gets added benefit of active coaching, feedback and review. Hence, highly structured platforms like the career pathways and nanodegrees are rigorous and respected, even admissible as requisites for admission to some popular online universities and job entry to Udacity corporate partners like Google. The glaring downside to Udacity is its limited, small number of courses being offered, mostly geared toward IT professional development. In contrast, variety is definitely Udemy strength, offering instructions on everything under the sun from music lessons to photography to serious coding. Some of the courses, particularly IT, are very popular with student enrollment in the tens to hundreds of thousands and taught by educators and pros with decades of field experience who have a natural knack for conveying engaging instructions to students. While the sheer large number of courses offered and opened platform may give students greater choices, it also provides inconsistent quality of education as there are minimal criteria for vetting instructors in developing a course at Udemy. Teachers qualifications vary, from uni professors with formal training to any Harry and Tom pros with solid know hows but horrible ability to convey knowledge or so in comprehensible (ie, boring slow poke, bad accent!). The point being, there are great courses at Udemy (like certs prep), but one must sift through the many mediocre and some down right useless courses to find that precious gem of learning. Fortunately, this isn’t so hard to gauge as courses have student star reviews and number of enrollment, the higher the number the better the quality of instruction.”

Siddhesh Khedekar, studied at Udacity:

“If you are looking for a recognised high quality study materials for free Udacity is the best. It wins because of its high quality of teaching and also because of it practical approach to teaching which is much better that the other two. They have specialised nanodegree programs covering video lectures,course materials,quizzes ,feedback and projects. Also their certificates are more recognised than the other two.”


You can also check what users are saying about Udemy and Udacity on Reedit:


I hope this article was able to choose between Udemy and Udacity.

Thanks for reading this article, don’t forget to share it.


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