Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Questions and Answers

Stipendium Hungaricum is scholarship program for student who wants to study in Hungary. In this article, we will show you how to pass stipendium hungaricum entrance examination. We also feature in this article common questions and answers for Stipendium Hungaricum and students who have successful passed the examination.Enjoy.

So we’ve got plenty of experience the do’s and don’ts and we hoping that this article is going to assist applicants for the Hungarian scholarship with better preparing itself for the scholarship which in turn would increase the chances of you being selected.

So normally the entity is not a very long interview we take about 15 minutes from it as a panel of three normally that will set and each panel member will get an opportunity to ask some questions and each question is designed to get a specific kind of. I’m sold on the candidate so that it helps us to make the assessment at the end of the day so one of the best ways to prepare for the interview, I would advise you to read over your application because if you understand what you’ve told us you’re not going to spend too much time in the interview trying to explain why you want to go to Hungary.

A lot of our questions emulate from what you’ve written in the application form so sometimes you find students with right one thing and by the time were interviewing maybe you can you sort of think did you write this. Or if you give someone help you fill in the application form because what you’re telling us they might get written are two completely different things.

So all these read on the application form right before the interview is a way to prepare that’s so important and I think I mean preparing for the interview is probably the most important thing don’t just think you can go in there and wing it if you can’t remember what universities you’ve applied for.

Hungry they would like to think that you’re not serious about your application and understanding knowing why you want to go then be able to demonstrate clearly to us why you want to go do research on the country that you want to study yet you know on the few occasions have had students who applied for a scholarship at a different country and were not selected and they come to us and tell us this is my second option.

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So I didn’t get it and now I’m just here because I’m going to actually those that doesn’t motivates us because you basically saying my first choice was this country and I didn’t get into it and this is my third option. So I’m just doing it cuz on a study abroad that’s really not motivating us why you’ve chosen this country for postgraduate students.

It’s so important that you know your university you touch base with the University you’ve identified potential supervisors a lot of the time students were right. So I’ve said a quantifier supervisors we share the same interest with so if you want to do a PhD I’m interviewing you and you haven’t even found a supervisor at the University things.

Identify if we look at you and think you really thought about this this PhD journey cuz it’s quite a senior degree and you haven’t really done the research of the University want to go to. So identify the potential supervisor that’s definitely going to decrease the chances of you being nominated people when they say why did you choose and either they don’t really know what they say because it’s a top university and that answer is was so generic that it’s not it’s not showing that you’ve done some research that there’s a particular program that you’re interested in and that university obviously is just too generic  to be able to assess them and believe that you wanted the system scholarship I can’t define the strengths of the University want to go to against the probe and the………continue in the video below.


Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Questions and Answers

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