list of top Private Universities in Abuja and Their Fee

Abuja has over 10 private universities which is of high standard. Do you want to know the fees for these universities?  In this article, we have listed all the private universities in Abuja along with their fees, the top 10 and the cheapest private universities in it.

List of Private Universities in Abuja and Their Fees

  1. Nile University of Nigeria. Tuition fees: ₦1.3 million
  2. Baze University Kuchigoro. Tuition fees: ₦2.2 million.
  3. Veritas University. Tuition fees: ₦750,000
  4. African University of Science & Technology. Tuition fees: ₦1.5 million
  5. Bingham University, New Karu
  6. Philomath University, Kuje
  7. European University of Nigeria, Duboyi, FCT
  8. Canadian University of Nigeria
  9. Amaj University, Kwali
  10. Cosmopolitan University
  11. Miva Open University
  12. Al-Muhibbah Open University
  13. Prime University, Kuje
  14. Springfield


Top 10 Private Universities

  1. African University of Science and Technology
  2. Baze University
  3. Nile University of Nigeria
  4. Veritas University
  5. Bingham University
  6. Philomath University
  7. Canadian University of Nigeria
  8. European University of Nigeria
  9. Cosmopolitan University
  10. Miva Open University

Cheapest and Most Expensive Private Universities in Abuja

The cheapest private university in Abuja is Veritas University. It is located at Bwari Area Council while the most expensive is Baze University.


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