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Learn how to join the Philippine Navy Recruitment 2021 and which requirements you have to meet if this is your major dream. Being a part of the huge and impressive Philippine Armed Forces is extremely awesome. Navy officers are respected, well paid, and have an exciting and prestigious job.

Whether you’re looking to join as an Enlisted Sailor or Officer, the process is simple. Here are the first steps for getting started, from talking to a recruiter, to taking the Oath of Enlistment and advancing to your initial training.

The Philippine Navy organized the following units (aside from the Marines):

  • Naval Shore Establishment
  • Naval Operating Forces
  • Philippine Coast Guard
  • Home Defense Command
  • Military Sealift and Terminal Command

Between 18 – 23 years old for enlistment, applicants should have graduated at least 72 units in college or have graduated a two-year associate course or vocational course preferably electronics and communication, electrical, plumbing, mechanics, welding, aircraft maintenance aviation, and heavy equipment operators.

Between 21 – 28 years old for officer applicants must be a graduate of 4 or 5 years Bachelors’s degree course preferably Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and Communications Engineering, Accountancy, Computer Science, IT, Marine Engineering, Civil Engineering, Naval Architecture, and Maritime Transportation.

For qualified enlisted navy applicants or navy candidate soldiers, they will undergo a training called Basic Seamanship Course (BSC). This course is the same as that what is taken by those seafarers and seaman if you are familiar.

For qualified navy officers, they will undergo the Naval Officers Candidate Course (NOCC).


Philippine Navy Recruitment 2021 Interest

For enlistment, candidate soldier and officer, applicants must meet the following requirements. Qualifications must be met in order to be eligible for the Philippine Navy Recruitment.

  • Must be a natural-born Filipino Citizen
  • At least 5 feet in height
  • Must be of good moral character with no pending civil or criminal case
  • Single, never married, with no child or children support
  • Must be physically and mentally fit
  • Must pass the AFP Aptitude Battery Test, IQ, and Special Written Examinations.

It’s common to have questions about everything from qualifications and life in the Navy to benefits and career options. Contact your local recruiter, who will answer all your questions and explain career and education opportunities. Depending on your location and your proximity to the nearest enlisted or officer recruiting station, it may be more convenient to have these discussions over the phone or via chat. Much of the recruiting process can be done virtually, electronically, or online if you desire.

Congratulations on deciding to apply to join the Philippine Navy. No matter your background and interests, there is a place for you among our ranks. Explore the topics below to learn about the application process, training, service requirements, and more.

Philippine Navy training

Philippine Navy Salary

Earn as much of Php 45, 416.00 while on training as Officer Candidate (OC) equivalent to Salary Grade 19 while on training.

Earn as much as Php 51, 679.00 upon graduation with the rank of Ensign(ENS)/Second Lieutenant(2LT) equivalent to Salary Grade 20.

Earn additional Longevity pay of 10% of the current monthly base pay compounded every five years of active military service.

Philippine navy civilian employee hiring 2021


 Natural born Filipino Citizen.

 Male or Female.

 Bachelor’s degree holder.

 Civil Service Commission (CSC) Eligible or Bar / Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Board passer.

 Computer literate.

 Proficient in oral and written communication.

 Not less than 20 years old and not more than 40 years old.

 Physically and mentally fit for employment.

 With good moral character.


Privileges and Benefits

  • Security of Tenure.
  • Competitive Salary.
  • Clothing Allowance.
  • Opportunity for foreign and local schooling.
  • Magna Carta benefits for hospital personnel.
  • Bonuses (13th-month basic pay).
  • Cash gift.
  • Productivity Enhancement Incentive.



Bonifacio Naval Station Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

Phone Number: (02) 815-3420 loc 6137

Mobile Number: (+63) 917-476-3071 / (+63) 919-558-6274



Marine Barracks Fort Bonifacio, Bonifacio Naval Station, Taguig City

Phone Number: (02) 893-2121 loc 935

Mobile Number: (+63) 917-785-6758

Click here to fill form on their website

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