Nile University Postgraduate Courses, Fees and Requirement

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Baze University’s Postgraduate Courses, Fees, and Requirements! If you’re considering pursuing advanced studies at Baze University, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the diverse range of postgraduate courses offered, break down the associated fees, and provide a clear overview of the admission requirements. Whether you’re aiming for a Master’s or a Ph.D., we’ve got you covered with all the essential information you need to make an informed decision about your academic journey. Let’s dive in!

Courses and Fees

CourseDurationFee Per SemesterFee Per SessionTotal Program Fee
(MPH) Public Health3 semesters/1.5 years₦1,100,000₦2,200,000₦3,300,000
(PGD) Law2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(LLM) Law2 semesters/1 year₦750,000₦1,500,000₦1,500,000
(PhD) Law6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(PGD) Civil Engineering3 semesters/1.5 years₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,800,000
(M.Eng.) Civil Engineering3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(PGD) Computer Engineering3 semesters/1.5 years₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,800,000
(M.Eng.) Computer Engineering3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(PGD) Electrical & Electronics Engineering3 semesters/1.5 years₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,800,000
(M.Eng.) Electrical & Electronics Engineering3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(PhD) Electrical & Electronics Engineering6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(PGD) Petroleum & Gas Engineering3 semesters/1.5 years₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,800,000
(M.Eng.) Petroleum & Gas Engineering3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(M.Sc.) Oil and Gas Engineering3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(PhD) Petroleum and Gas Engineering6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(PhD) Civil Engineering6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(PhD) Computer Engineering6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(PGD) Biology2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) Biology3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(M.Sc.) Industrial Chemistry (Petroleum Chemistry)3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(PhD) Industrial Chemistry6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(M.Sc.) Analytical Chemistry3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(M.Sc.) Polymer Chemistry3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(PGD) Computer Science2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) Computer Science3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(PhD) Computer Science6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(PGD) Software Engineering2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) Software Engineering3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(PGD) Information Technology2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) Information Technology3 semesters/1.5 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦2,250,000
(MBA) Master of Business Administration4 semesters/2 years₦800,000₦1,600,000₦3,200,000
(PGD) Management2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) Management4 semesters/2 years₦700,000₦1,400,000₦2,800,000
(MPhil) Management2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(PhD) Management6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(PGD) Accounting2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) Accounting4 semesters/2 years₦700,000₦1,400,000₦2,800,000
(PhD) Accounting6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(M.Sc.) Auditing / Forensic Management4 semesters/2 years₦700,000₦1,400,000₦2,800,000
(MAF) Accounting and Finance4 semesters/2 years₦800,000₦1,600,000₦3,200,000
(PGD) Economics2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) Economics4 semesters/2 years₦700,000₦1,400,000₦2,800,000
(MPhil) Economics2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(PhD) Economics6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(M.Sc.) Financial Economics4 semesters/2 years₦700,000₦1,400,000₦2,800,000
(MFE) Financial Economics2 semesters/1 year₦800,000₦1,600,000₦1,600,000
(PGD) International Relations and Diplomacy2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) International Relations and Diplomacy4 semesters/2 years₦700,000₦1,400,000₦2,800,000
(MPhil) Int’l Rel. and Diplomacy2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(PhD) International Relations and Diplomacy6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(MIR) International Relations4 semesters/2 years₦800,000₦1,600,000₦3,200,000
(PGD) Peace, Conflict and Strategic Studies2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) Peace, Conflict and Strategic Studies4 semesters/2 years₦700,000₦1,400,000₦2,800,000
(MPhil) Peace, Conflict and Strategic Studies2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(PhD) Peace, Conflict and Strategic Studies6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(PGD) Political Science2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) Political Science4 semesters/2 years₦700,000₦1,400,000₦2,800,000
(MPhil) Political Science2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(PhD) Political Science6 semesters/3 years₦750,000₦1,500,000₦4,500,000
(PGD) Mass Communication2 semesters/1 year₦600,000₦1,200,000₦1,200,000
(M.Sc.) Mass Communication4 semesters/2 years₦700,000₦1,400,000₦2,800,000


  1. Fees only cover tuition; accommodation is not included.
  2. Tuition for returning students is the same as stipulated in their admission letters.



To apply for postgraduate admission at Nile University of Nigeria, candidates need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Educational Qualifications:
    • Obtain at least five O’level credits in subjects like English language and Mathematics from WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE, with no more than two sittings.
    • Provide a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Discharge Certificate or an Exemption Letter.
    • Submit three referee reports.
  2. Document Submission:
    • Candidates must submit the mentioned documents to the admission office.
    • During registration, prospective and transfer students should bring their credentials, and certificates/degrees, and have official transcripts sent from their previous institutions to Nile University.
  3. Postgraduate Diploma Program:
    • Open to Nile University graduates or those from other approved universities with a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
    • Higher National Diploma (HND) holders with upper credit are also eligible.
    • Candidates with lower credit may be considered if they score a minimum of 50% in a qualifying examination administered by the University.
  4. Duration of Postgraduate Diploma Program:
    • Minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 24 calendar months for full-time study.
  5. Graduation Requirements for Postgraduate Diploma:
    • Complete courses totaling 36 to 40 credits.
    • Earn a minimum of 36 credits, including compulsory courses, with a weighted average score of at least 50%.
  6. Masters Degree Programs:
    • M.A. and M.Sc. candidates need at least a Second class lower Bachelor’s degree from Nile University or an approved University.
    • MBA (Executive) candidates require a recognized University degree or approved professional qualifications (e.g., HND Upper Credit, ICAN, ACCA) and at least five years of post-qualification experience.
  7. Duration of Masters Degree Programs:
    • M.Eng. and M.Sc. programs: minimum of 18 calendar months (FENG & FNAS).
    • MBA/M.Sc., M.A. programs: minimum of 24 calendar months, with a possible extension of up to 12 months.
  8. Graduation Requirements for Masters Degree:
    • Complete the required courses within the specified credit range.
    • Attain a minimum of 50% in the weighted average of the best 36 credits, including compulsory courses.
    • Graduation classifications: Distinction (70% and above), Credits (60% – 69.9%), Pass (50% – 59.9%), Fail (0 – 49.9%).

Source: Nile University

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