Microsoft Free Online Courses with certificate

Do you ever wish to learn Microsoft? Then this article is for you. You will learn how to start Microsoft free online courses with certificate. So read this article to the end. This was brought about because of the pandemic (COVID-19) in the world currently. So take advantage of this you are sitting at and learn some Microsoft courses.

Don’t worry about the cost of any of the online courses because they are totally free, I mean no fee is required to get started. There are over 200 courses you choose to start. That’s mind blowing if you ask me and best part of this is, there is no deadline to for the completion of any course you enroll on. Take advantage of this offer now because we don’t know how long it will last.

Microsoft made this possible by partnering with Edx. Edx is a Massive Open Online Course (MooCs) platforms just like Udemy and Udacity.

Learn these courses for free and in return, you could earn from it through one of the best freelance sites like fiverr.

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Microsoft Free Online Courses with certificate

Microsoft Free Online Courses With Certificate

  1. Intermediate C++
  2. Learn to program in Java
  3.  Introduction to Data Analysis using Excel
  4. Introduction to Data Science
  5. Introduction to Big Data
  6. Principles of Machine Learning: Python Edition

Eligibility for Microsoft Free Online Courses

There are no requirement for Microsoft Free Online Courses. Anyone can start this course, anywhere and anytime.

How to Apply For Microsoft Free Online Courses

  1. Visit Edx on phone’s or PC browser.
  2. Choose the course you want to start or learn.
  3.  Next click ‘enroll’
  4. Register using your Full Name ,Public Username,Password and Country or Region of Residence. Alternatively, you  can register using your Facebook, Google or Microsoft account if you have any.


Will I Given Certificate for Free

No, but you can get a Verified Official Certificate on 90% Discount on Certificate.

Who is Eligible for this Course

Anyone is eligible from any part of the world as far as you can read.

What’s the Deadline for Application

There is no deadline for application for now.

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