Malawi Defense Force Recruitment 2021

Malawi Defense Force Recruitment– It’s been years when Malawi recruited into their defense force. However, this year is an exception to that as they will be recruiting soldiers to their defense force. The Malawi Defence Force training department has disclosed that it will soon conduct a recruitment exercise for new soldiers in the country ie there will be Malawi Defence force Recruitment 2019 as disclosed by through Malawi Defence force the latest news. Therefore read this post to the end in order to know how to join Malawi Defence Force 2021

Speaking in Lilongwe at Kamuzu Barracks, MDF Commander Griffin Supuni Phiri disclosed that all resources are ready for the Malawi Defence for the training of new Malawi Defence Force officers.
“As you know that it took years without recruiting soldiers, MDF will soon do the exercise,” Phiri said.
However, Phiri did not disclose the exact dates when the recruitment exercise will be conducted.
Last year social media was rocked by speculations claiming that the Malawi Defence Force was inviting people to join the military.
Malawi Defence Force’s latest news refuted the claims saying that it did not have plans of conducting the recruitment exercise at that time.

About Malawi Defence Force

The Malawi Rifles was a unit in the Malawi Army formed on the country’s gaining independence from the United Kingdom in 1964. Its first battalion was formed from the 1st Battalion, King’s African Rifles. On independence, the battalion became 1st Battalion, The Malawi Rifles (King’s African Rifles). They were based (and elements still may be based) at Cobbe Barracks, Zomba. On 6 July 1966 Malawi became a republic and Kamuzu Banda became the first president of the new republic. After the swearing-in ceremony, his first duty was to present the battalion with his own presidential colour and the new regimental colour. It was under the leadership of Brigadier Paul Lewis, a British expatriate. In 1964, at Malawi’s independence, the Malawian Army consisted of one battalion with 2,000 soldiers at Cobbe Barracks in Zomba.

The Malawi Army is now made up of two rifle regiments and one parachute regiment. The military is organized under the purview of the Ministry of Defence. State Department IMET training documentation from FY 2003 indicates the United States trained army personnel from the 2nd Battalion, Malawi Rifles, 3rd Battalion, Malawi Rifles (Moyale Barracks), the Parachute Battalion, and the Combat Support Battalion (Mvera).

In 1993, the army played a vital role in dismantling the dictatorship of Kamuzu Banda. Banda announced multi-party elections, the army intervened by dismantling Banda’s paramilitary wing, the Malawi Young Pioneers in one night during an operation called “Bwezani” which means “taking back” or “returning”. This event marked a vital point in the ideology of the Malawi Army that was to follow. The Malawi Army was shown to have no political aspirations themselves and allowed the democratic process to ensure in Malawi as guided by civilians.

On 5 April 2012 when President Bingu wa Mutharika died, there were rumors of an attempted constitutional coup intended to prevent vice-president Joyce Banda from becoming president as outlined by the constitution. The military, under General Henry Odillo, stepped in and vowed to support and uphold the constitution of Malawi. They reportedly stationed security members at Banda’s residence during the news of Mutharika’s death.[7] This level of professionalism had a direct impact on the smooth transition of power.

Malawi has signed the initial agreements joining the SADC Standby Brigade, the southern African component of the African Standby Force.


Malawi defense force Recruitment 2019 body has expressed reservations over legislation that may need the military to permit recruitment and intake of HIV positive persons.
Senior army officers told the National Aids Commission (NAC) on Friday in the Malawi Defence force latest news that the applicants of the Malawi Defence force recruitment 2019 should be allowed to force recruits to undergo HIV test before they go for training.
“The training for MDF officers is very rigorous.

I don’t assume that an HIV-positive person will stand up to it,” Colonel Glandson Madziatera.
He made the remarks at the National Police Headquarters in Lilongwe during the HIV and Aids Management and Prevention Act dissemination meeting organized by NAC.

The Republic of Malawi Police conjointly expressed similar considerations and asked that they must be allowed to disregard the law Owing that they influence security matters.
However, NAC’s head of policy support and development Andrina Mwansambo said the two cannot be allowed to break the law hence they should review their recruitment and training methods.

The HIV and Aids (Prevention and Management) Bill was developed by the Malawi Law Commission in 2008 to provide an institutional framework for effective regulation of the prevention and management of the HIV and Aids epidemic in Malawi.

It was passed in Parliament in November last year. In Section 27, the legislation prohibits testing before recruitment into employment but allows the Malawi Defence Force, Malawi Police Service, Malawi Prison Service, and Immigration Department to assess applicants’ fitness.
The Bill also formally established the National Aids Commission, outlining the composition of the commission and procedures for appointing commissioners and the chief executive officer.


The military embodies the MDF and therefore the police.
The total strength of the MDF is Just within 5,300.
The implementation of compulsory military service is for a period of 2 years. The Police number 1,500 officers.

On 01 Dec 1993, members of the Malawi Young Pioneers (MYP) – the armed wing of President for Life Banda’s single-party regime – shot and killed two enlisted members of the MDF over disagreements at an area bar in Mzuzu—a major town within the northern region of the country.

The incident marked the immediate reason behind the rebellion of the commissioned personnel in the Republic of Malawi.

The matter was at once rumored to Moyale Barracks, which is found inside Mzuzu town.
Accordingly, the defense force headquarters in the capital city of Lilongwe was informed, and soldiers in all barracks throughout the country keenly waited for an immediate response from the generals.

Without orders or leadership from the officers’ corps, the enlisted personnel took up arms and ammunition and started the fight against the MYP bases in Mzuzu and the northern region as a whole.

In Malawi, there’s mutual distrust and an outsized information gap between its officers and officers that are not commissioned, officers.

In the past, Malawian officers and NCOs had a functional working relationship.
Over time, however, a lot of officers and fewer NCOs were being educated.
Officers began doing everything themselves rather than sharing leadership responsibilities with their NCOs because they didn’t trust them to solve problems or to think critically.
The MDF’s promotion policy is among the challenges Malawian NCOs face.

Many individuals are promoted based on reasons not related to their work, while NCOs who are deploying on peacekeeping operations and leading soldiers are often overlooked.

The situation has contributed to the NCO corps’ lack of motivation.

Personnel policies that are in accordance are usually unclear, making them difficult to enforce.
Women, as an example, have not been in the MDF long – the force only began recruiting them in 1999 – and their roles are not well-defined.

Without enforceable policies in place, women face challenges in every direction as they try to do their jobs in a male-dominant culture, Though ever-changing this may not be straightforward

d, the country’s leadership has recognized that NCOs are the key to a professional military and that the military must invest in its NCOs to set itself up for a successful future.


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Malawi Defense Force Recruitment 2021

Malawi has become the first country to participate in the new African Military Education and Training program and is now host to the first NCO academy in Africa.

The Republic of Malawi defense force conduct continued annual recruitment and intake exercise for appropriately qualified young men and ladies wishing to pursue a career within the force as regular troopers.

The exercise is conducted all over the districts and chosen candidates shall endure an intensive six months of basic grooming at the Republic of Malawi military college (MAFCO) in Salima.
In March 2015 the Republic of Malawi defense force (MDF) declared to the overall public that there have been some corrupt people who are Moving as MDF army and collecting cash from job seekers on the pretext that they might be recruited as troopers.

According to MDF’s public info officer colonel Francis Kakhuta-Banda aforementioned the military has not commenced any recruitment exercise

Banda said “some heartless and unscrupulous fraudsters” posing as MDF officers are duping the general public of money by claiming that they are recruiting soldiers.
“In some instances, victims are contacted via phones by individuals purporting as MDF officers.
In this regard, we tend to urge all Malawians seeking employment into the service to disregard money-for-job offers by anyone,” the military spokesperson aforesaid.

MDF has not sanctioned any Malawi Defence Force Recruitment 2019 in process within the country, according to Kakhuta Banda.

“MDF additional informs People and job seekers that recruitment and intake matters are publicized within the media and beneath no circumstances can MDF settle for any style of payment for employment,” he added.

Kakhuta additionally disclosed that the MDF has received complaints from victims across the country however that no arrests have up to now been carried out by the police or the MDF.

“We are operating hand-in-hand with the country’s Police to trace the culprits however in the meantime, we are appealing to members of the public to report those concerned in such act to nearby MDF installations or police stations.
Once these folks are caught, the long arm of the law will take its course,” he warned.
Deputy national police spokesperson Mable Nsefula in the Malawi Defence force latest news said Police are doing everything possible to see that such bad eggs in the society are brought to face the wrath of the law.

Malawi Defense Force (MDF) received a rare certification to carry out Malawi Defence force training for UN peacekeeping missions.
US ambassador to Republic of Malawi Virginia palmer gave the certificate to MDF commander General Spoon Phiri throughout the graduation ceremony of over 800 Army for United Nations peacekeeping mission that was being Scheduled April 7, 2017, in Chikala Hills, Machinga.

“This means that we are able to train any military in the continent, we can train even the military in Mozambique for any peacekeeping mission,” said Phiri.

This means Malawi is one of the few forces in Africa eligible to train soldiers for peacekeeping missions.
The Phiri aforesaid Republic of Malawi will not have to be compelled to have foreign military specialists carry of the Malawi Defence force training for peacekeeping missions.

Malawi Defence force training has produced soldiers that have been deployed in various countries including Sudan, Kosovo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo

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