• August 5, 2022 5:18 am
  • University of Lagos UNILAG, Lagos

GENOXIDIL NBN Living Nrf2 (100% Organic)

Genoxidil is 100% Organic Product/Supplement that activates 5 vital systems; immune system, antioxidant system, anti-aging system, detoxification and cellular nutrition system. Genoxidil contains alga afa which activates stem cell stored in the bone marrow. It contains curcumin which is Nrf1 and Nrf2 protein activator.

These are present inmore than 2000 genes, enabling our cells to increase energy levels and massively eliminate free radicals, which cause of oxidative stress and damages the body system.

Genoxidil helps with re-vitalization of energy due to severe sickness, improves sexual function, anti-aging, hypertension, depression, arthritis, prostrate issues, heart and kidney problem, severe pains.

Price is negotiable if the volume is more

N30,000.00 for 30days Supply

N87,000.00 for 90days Supply

N171,000.00 for 180 days supply

Call or Whatsapp – 09132002001 to place your order now.


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