• December 10, 2020 1:53 pm
  • Yaba College of Technology, Lagos



Organizations all over the world benefit from Arbutus Data Analytics.

Your company can also benefit. Call  08139463324 for more detail.


  • Detect duplicate records in payroll, bank balances, staff entitlements, etc.
  • Detect fraud in payroll records, IGR transactions, contracts payment, etc.
  • Detect errors/ misappropriations in electronic data transactions
  • Provide opportunity for Cash Recovery from financial loss
  • Detect Ghost Workers in payroll details
  • Detect double payments for contracts/vendors’ transactions
  • Discover retired staff in active payroll
  • Sift through enormous amount of data in skeptical and relentless details
  • Reconcile in-house data workflow with bank transactions
  • Ensure data integrity, proper and correct income/revenue generation, etc.


What is Arbutus?

  • Arbutus is a CAAT Software (Computer Aided Audit Technique).
  • Arbutus is for Data Analysis, Data Queries, Error Detection
  • Arbutus is used for Fraud investigation, Fraud Detection & Cash Recovery


Why Arbutus?

  • Arbutus has the same features and much more than ACL Analytics/ Robotics
  • Arbutus is far cheaper than ACL Analytics/ Robotics and affordable
  • Organizations switching from ACL Analytics to Arbutus does not need special training
  • Scripts writing in ACL Analytics migrate seamlessly to Arbutus Analysis
  • Arbutus has multifaceted Data Analytics features that exceed other CAAT tools
  • The Network Version works wonder and is affordable


Who needs Arbutus?

  • Internal and External Auditors, Fraud Examiners, Information Security Professionals, Data Analysis Officers, Bank Reconciliation Personnel, Database Administrators, Internal Control Accountants, etc.


For Video Conferencing and Online Demonstration, Call 08139463324.



  • Service Type : Financial & Legal


110 AWOLOWO WAY IKEJA LAGOS ,Yaba College of Technology,Lagos

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