• June 27, 2022 2:07 pm
  • Lagos State University LASU, Lagos


Alkaline pi-cup also known as fujian cup, (with tourmaline gemstones) a product from longrich international benefits:
# revives damaged cells in the body due to narcotics.
# has the ability to change constituency from acidic to alkaline.
# enables minerals to reach the cell.
# gives the water you drink oxygen and far infrared, which cancer cells cannot thrive in such an environment.
# increases energy and digestion.
# water from this pi-cup is zinc rich.
# reduces blood cholesterol.
# emulsifies fat and enhances weight lose.
# energizes, suitable for athletes.
# enhances immunity, prevents diseases and protects the liver.
# it clears drunk no matter how much you drink.
# the stones embedded in the filter of the pi-cup cleanses, purifies and tranforms these dense energy into a lighter vibrational protective shield.
# it’s an alkaline pi-cup with a balanced ph level. My mobile water treatment plant

Price – N23,000

Location – Lagos Mainland

Call or Whatsapp – 09060220053


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