• December 1, 2022 4:00 pm
  • University of Lagos UNILAG, Lagos

Bio-digester is a modern soak away.

Bio-digester: is the process of decomposing toilet waste.
The bio-digester help in completely breaking down of organic waste e.g toilet waste.
The old septic tank(soak away) the water and the waste goes to the septic tank (soak away)
which will eventually full and we need to evacuate it out. But in the Case of the bio-digester the water is filtered from the
then the bio-digester will then decompose the organic waste into small atomic particles. Which will never full

Advantage of the bio-digester
1: it doesn’t get filled up compare to the old soak away
2 no smell/odour since all waste matter is broken down completely
3: it cheaper to install
4: no maintenance require after installation
5 economical on space, it doesn’t require a lot of space
6: it can work in any type of soil
7: it can be customize in size based on the number of users
8: the water from the bio digester can be recycled.

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