• January 7, 2023 8:30 pm
  • University of Lagos UNILAG, Lagos
A decentralized infrastructure for DeFi, NFTs and Real Estates

Safe protocol is a decentralized Infrastructure that will cut across Decentralized Finance, NFT, Real Estate(Asset Tokenization,
Digital and physical properties), the Metaverse and much more.


Built Initially on the Binance Smart chain and with the intention to expand in future to other Chains,
Safe protocol recognizes the importance of a highly accessible blockchain that will allow more people to enter the world of DeFi
and NFTs with ease and smoothly participate in a decentralized network.

The possibilities are beyond your imagination
Go through our website now : to discover the future and step into it.

SFP Token:
The Native Utility and Governance token of the Safe protocol ecosystem.

A decentralized and tokenized real estate marketplace and Infrastructure built on blockchain.

The SafeDAO is the organization that governs several aspects of Safe Protocol including SFP token utility and distribution.

1. Download Trust Wallet from Google/Apple Store then go to your Wallet Browser…
2. Copy and paste the below link therein

3. Change the ‘Ethereum’ network at the top to ‘Smartchain’
4. Click on “connect”
5. Change the ‘Ethereum’ network at the centre to ‘Smartchain’ again
6. Select the amount you want to buy and approve
7. Click on the box on your top-right to see your tokens and also copy your Referral link
8. Share your referral link with friends and family to earn 10% commission (5% BNB and 5% SFP)


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