List of universities in Abia state

There are over 8 universities in Abia state and this article, we have listed the federal, state and private universities in Abia state. Our goal is to offer valuable information for prospective students, parents, and educators looking to gain insights into the diverse educational opportunities within the state.

Universities in Abia State


Michael Okpara University of Agricultural Umudike

Established with a focus on agricultural education, Michael Okpara University of Agricultural Umudike stands as a beacon of excellence in the federal university sector. Renowned for its commitment to agricultural research and innovation, the institution has consistently produced graduates who contribute significantly to Nigeria’s agricultural development.


Abia State University, Uturu

At the heart of Abia State’s educational prowess lies Abia State University, Uturu. Recognized for its comprehensive curriculum and cutting-edge research facilities, the university is a hub for academic excellence. With a diverse range of disciplines, it caters to the dynamic needs of students seeking a well-rounded education.



  • Gregory University, Uturu
  • Clifford University Owerrinta Abia State
  • Spiritan University, Nneochi Abia State
  • Nigerian British University, Asa, Abia State
  • Lux Mundi University Umuahia, Abia State
  • Amadeus University, Amizi, Abia State
  • Rhema University

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