letter to boys
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“To be a man is not a day’s job”, the age old proverb says. And ‘Yes!!!’, the journey from boyhood to manhood is definitely more complex than rubbing spirit on your chin to grow “bear bear” or talking as if there is cold akamu in your throatÔÇŽ Lol. If you’re already feeling exposed, then you’re definitely in for a ride.

Join Femi “the Sound Baker” Bakes, and I-4-Ma on “Letters To Boys” as they discuss these issues from the seemingly insignificant to those severely irritating little things that men do in their bid to exhibit manhood.

Guess the elders were right with their proverb so relax, enjoy the ride, laugh a little, and take this job of by-force manhood one day, or even better “One Letter” at a time. ‘Cause at “Letters To Boys” we’d definitely keep you posted. So #PostIt.­čśë

On this Episode, we dive deep into what goes down on first date. What to wear, things to say, how to behave and what not. First dates should’nt be so much of a hassle, you could make it DOPE!!!

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