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Korean Drama is in great demand not only among Asia viewers but also in other countries of the world. In this article, we will list best websites to download Korean drama for free and show you the most popular and interesting Korean drama, which are completely new or removed over the past ten years, but managed to win the attention of the audience.
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Download Korean Drama Websites
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Top Korean Drama Websites To Download For Free In 2020

Top Korean Drama Websites To Download For Free


Viki is a very popular website to download Korean drama for people around the globe. The best part I love about this Korean drama website is that it provides subtitles in multiple languages for each drama, The only cons about the website are that there are too many ads.

Download korean drama


This is very similar to Viki. It is considered to be the biggest website to download Korean drama for free.

3. Dramacool9

This is another website you can download Korean drama. It has a simple interface and minimum ads making it easy to easy

4. Kingdrakor

In this website, you will download Korean drama in any format you want. The only annoying part of Kingdrakor is that it has many annoying ads.

5. kshowsubindo

The website has a lot of Asian movies and amines. Definitely, you can download Korean drama for free without stress.


Dramago is ranked #55.8k globally according to Alexa ranking. It is also cool and to download Korean drama for free.

7.  KissAsian

Kissasian provides lots of kdrama in any category, e.g Action, Thriller, etc. Not only series, you can also download movies too.

8. Dramanice

Dramanice is another great website to download Korean drama. It is frequently updated with fresh episodes of Korean drama.

9. Dramafire

Dramafire is a top korean drama website you should visit anytime you want to download kdrama. It also has movies strictly Asian movies from countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, etc.

10. DramaBeans

11. NewAsian.TV


13. Thedramacool

14. MyDramaList


16. Netflix (Paid)

17. AsianCrush


New Asian


Kocowa (Paid)


Best Korean Drama

1. The good guy (TV series) Sesang Eodiedo Eobneun Chakhan Namja

2012 / korean drama website / South Korea

The main character of the korean drama series-a young man named Kang MA Ru – all his life loved only two girls: his terminally ill sister, for whom he went to study as a doctor, and his best friend Han Jae Hee. He had known her for a very long time – he remembered her defenseless and intimidated, just getting back on her feet. Kang MA Ru would do anything for her. One evening, his phone rang and he answered: in tears, Han Jae – Hee confessed to him that she was in trouble. Once at the scene, Kang MA Ru learned that the girl, acting in self-defense, accidentally killed a man in a hotel room. Download korean drama

2. The mysterious garden (TV series) Sikeurit Gadeun

2010 / Fantasy, Romance / South Korea

A smart and rich businessman accidentally meets a girl-a stuntwoman – his complete opposite, sharp-tongued and constantly getting into trouble. Their forced companionship would not have been of any use to them, if not for fate: once it played a cruel trick on them – a young man and a girl swapped bodies. Download korean drama

3. I miss you (TV series)Rak chan yaa kid teung chan

2012 / Horror, Romance / Thailand

They said goodbye to each other for a long time 14 years ago, but all this time they did not lose hope of finding each other again. He, against all odds, becomes a private detective: helping those in trouble, a young man hopes to find a once-lost loved one. She is a confident, but very sensual girl who works as a fashion designer. Waking up every night in tears, the main character of this series believes that one day fate will give them a long-awaited meeting. Download korean drama

4. Urban hunter (TV series) Siti hyunteo

2011 / Action, Comedy, Romance / South Korea

The plot focuses on the history of the confrontation between North and South Korea. One day, in revenge for an attempt to assassinate the President, one country sends a group of saboteurs to another. The task was completed, but high officials, worried about their image, abandoned their loyal soldiers to the enemy – only one trained fighter managed to survive. Returning home, he secretly kidnapped the son of one of his dead comrades. Now that the young man has grown up and learned the truth about his dead parents, he decides to take revenge on those responsible for their deaths. Download korean drama

5. The secret (TV series) Bimil

2013 / korean drama website / South Korea

Yoo Jung – a touching and naive girl who believed in love for life-took the blame for the death of a woman who was not her fault. The main character, who for several years took care of her boyfriend Ahn Do-Hoon, at his request confessed to hitting a person on the road – so she ended up behind bars. After serving a long five years, Yoo Jung learns that her lover quickly found a replacement for her. After being released, she meets Min Hyuk – a young man whose girlfriend was then hit on the road by Ahn Do-Hoon.

6. Boys are more beautiful than flowers (TV series)Kkotboda namja

2009 / Comedy, Drama, Romance / South Korea

The main character-a girl named Jang Di-studies in a simple comprehensive Korean school. One day, while helping her parents at the family dry cleaners, a girl is assigned to take clothes to a College where the children of the richest people in Korea study. As it turns out, the customer who has handed in the cleaning of clothes is about to jump off the roof of a building of one of the buildings of the educational institution-Chang Di, without hesitation, saves the young man. After just a day, the entire city learns about the girl’s heroic act: residents begin to resent that only the children of rich people are admitted to College. To avoid further scandal, the College administration offers Chan Di to go to study with them – the main character agrees. There she meets four unpleasant young men with whom she will have to find a common language.

7. Pretty boy (TV series) Yep-peu-nnamja

2013 / Melodrama / South Korea

In the center of the plot is the story of the most beautiful man in the world named dok go MA-Tae: he is ambitious, ambitious and likes absolutely all people. One day, a young man meets the former wife of a billionaire – Hong Yoo-RA: the woman decides to take patronage over MA-Tae. First, she instructs him to find and win ten different women.

8. The Prince from the attic (TV series) Ok-tab-bang Wang-se-ja

2012 / Comedy, drama, Sci-Fi, Romance / South Korea

The Prince of the Joseon dynasty saw as his wife a beautiful and intelligent girl who could not only support small talk, but also continue the family. When he met Hwang-Yong, he decided to marry her. Soon, the Prince’s wife was found dead in a local pond. Not accepting on faith the version of suicide, the young man decided to independently find the killers of his wife. After chasing after the suspects, he fell into a portal that led him to our time – so the Prince, along with his assistants, ended up in the apartment of the girl Pak-a. How can the newcomer from the past return to his home?

9. The Outlander doctor (TV series) Dakteo Yibangin

2014 / Thriller, Romance / South Korea

The main character-a young man named pan Hoon-was forcibly exiled from South Korea to North Korea as a child, where he then had to live for several decades. Having grown up and become one of the most famous cardiac surgeons in the country, pan Hoon decided to return to his native South Korea. He was not out of work, of course, but his colleagues did not particularly want to see a specialist who had come from the enemy camp around them.

10. Heirs (TV series) Sangsok jadeul

2013 / drama / South Korea

Heirs of rich parents from the very childhood can not worry about anything – in the future they are destined to head the family business. The only thing that is beyond their control is their feelings. In the center of the plot is the story of Dating and love of Kim tan, the son of the head of a multibillion-dollar Corporation, who was sent to study in the United States. There, a young man meets a poor girl, cha Eun San, who he later falls in love with. Later, Kim tan’s girlfriend, Rachel, arrives in the States, as well as her half – brother, who also notices cha Eun San.

11. The trick of an unmarried woman (TV series)Angkeumhan Dolshingnyeo

2014 / Comedy, Romance / South Korea

AE RA – a very amorous girl-meets an ordinary engineer named Jung Woo: they fall in love with each other and soon have a wedding. However, after a while, AE RA becomes bored with Jung Woo – she decides to leave her husband aside: from this moment on, everything begins to go awry in the girl’s life. After learning that Jung Woo has made a good career and now earns a decent income, AE RA tries to get back to her ex-husband.

12. I’ll hear you (TV series) Neoui Moksoriga Deulryeo

2013 / Comedy, Sci-Fi, Romance / South Korea

This is the story of people whose lives are intertwined by the will of fate. Jang Hae-Seong is a professional lawyer who mainly defends those who do not have the money to hire a lawyer from a large firm. Park soo-ha is a young man who has found the gift of hearing people’s thoughts after his father’s death. Cha Gwan-Woo is a former police officer who later becomes a public defender.

13. The Lord of the sun (TV series)Joogoonui Taeyang

2013 / Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, Romance / South Korea

The main character-a girl named Tae gon Shil-works as a Secretary: she is vulnerable and very timid. One day, when she begins to see ghosts, she tells this young man Joo Joon Won, who not only doubts Tae Gong Shil’s words, but also makes Her laugh. Gradually, the girl realizes that if she touches Joo Joon Won, all the visions disappear at once, so now she decides to stay close to him.  Download korean drama

14. Rain of love (TV series) Sarangbi

2012 / Comedy, Romance / South Korea

Kim Eun-hee is a modest young girl, whose best friend for many years was her diary, which she confided her innermost thoughts to. One day, when she meets a guy named so In-ha on the street, She falls in love with him – a romance breaks out between the teenagers that were not destined by fate. Soon life separates them, and they lose sight of each other. Many years later, in some inexplicable way, fate brings their children together-SEO Joon and Kim Ha-na: they are not like their parents, but are they destined to be together? Download korean drama

15. Entourage (TV series) Antooraji

2016 / Comedy, Drama / South Korea

Korean version of the popular American TV series of the same name. At the center of the plot is the story of rising movie star cha Yong Bin and his entourage: best friends who simultaneously become loyal colleagues of the actor, following him everywhere. Download korean drama.
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