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Do you want to know when is Kenya police recruitment for the year 2020? This article will show you when and the requirements to successfully apply for it. Read this article to the end. The Kenya police recruitment news 2020 is essential for individuals with a passion for joining the service. The recruitment is done annually, and so it is prudent for potential applicants to begin preparations as early as now. Prospective candidates ought to be armed with all the requirements necessary for one to join the Kenya police lest the wait will be in vain. The news to watch out for in regards to the recruitment should encompass any recent development and communication from the Kenya police itself.

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It is not easy to join the Kenya police as there exist many requirements that end up disqualifying most applicants. That is why prospective candidates should take their time to prepare the necessary documents and ensure they are in the right mental and physical frame when the time comes. The most sought after the news at this stage relates to relevant recruitment dates and the minimum qualifications.

kenya police recruitment

Minimum entry requirements

Each year the Kenya police release the minimum academic certificate requirements for one to join. Technicians or artisans, for instance, can be recruited as long as they have a professional certificate or Diploma in the field of Security and Correctional Science.

Cadet Officers, on the other hand, must possess a postgraduate diploma degree in the specified degree relating to Security and Correctional Science. To meet the Kenya police recruitment requirements threshold, you have to satisfy the things listed below:

  • Have a Kenyan National Identity card
  • Proficiency in either English or Kiswahili
  • A minimum of D+ in English or Kiswahili in the KCSE exam
  • Those applying with a KCSE certificate should be aged between 18-28 years while those applying with a diploma or any other degree should not be older than 30 years.
  • Pass the physical and mental tests conducted during recruitment.
  • Should have no criminal record.
  • Female candidates should be not only fit but also not pregnant during the application and training period.

When is Kenya police recruitment dates

The 2020 recruitment dates will be published by the Kenya police and not any other sources. If you see any news purporting to say the recruitment dates have been announced, be sure to verify the sources before you get duped.

There are many scams online indicating that the recruitment may be ongoing, so you should be vigilant. Things such as CID Kenya recruitment are advertised by the National Police Service Commission.

Application forms For

Applicants are usually told the application procedure when the recruitment dates have been confirmed by the Kenya police. Usually, there are application forms that are dispatched to designated recruitment centers. Candidates are then asked to fill the forms and report with them during the recruitment day. You can collect the application forms from any of the following centers:

  • County Commissioner’s office
  • Your local Huduma Center quarters
  • Sub-County Administration Police Commander’s (DAPC) office
  • Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) or any nearby police station

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Kenya police recruitment procedure

Getting into the Kenya police is not a once-off activity. You have to go through various stages of recruitment before you can be confirmed as an officer of the Kenya Police. The first thing you have to do is to fill the application form and submit it when you report for recruitment. Other than that, the recruitment process is as follows based on the Kenya police recruits news:

Screening and examination

This cannot commence unless the application deadline has elapsed. The employer will then scrutinize the applications and select successful applicants to proceed to the next step. They look at things that would disqualify you, and only the most suitable is selected. The successful candidates are then invited for screening and examination through email.

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Recruitment and training

Once you have been okayed from the screening centre, you will proceed to the Kenya police recruitment training. It is a rigorous exercise that involves physical drilling and a course on the core values of the Kenya police.

Recruitment pass-out

It is the hallmark of the administration police recruitment. Upon the successful completion of training, the candidates prove that they are ready and fit to join Kenya police. They are thus recruited into the police based on their ranks.

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What can disqualify you?

Prospective candidates looking to join the National Police Service should not jeopardize their integrity by doing any of the following things because it will lead to automatic disqualification by the National Police Service Commission (NPSC Kenya):

  • Do not take your result slips during the application because they are not accepted.
  • Canvassing either directly or indirectly for any position will also lead to disqualification.
  • The use of false documents is not only discouraged, but it will also lead to the criminal prosecution of the candidate in question.
  • Based on the provisions of section 25 of the National Police Service Commission Act, any applicant who lies during the recruitment process is bound to be arrested and jailed for a term not more than 2 years or fined Ksh. 200,000.
  • Do not offer the recruiting officers any form of gifts or gratification because it will only lead to disqualification.
  • Kenya police do not take cases of corruption lightly, so if you are caught lobbying by offering money, you will be disqualified and prosecuted.

Kenya police contact

  • Physical location: Vigilance House Harambee Street
  • Postal address: PO BOX 30083, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Email address:
  • Telephone number: 254-020-3341411
  • Official website:

Be keen on the Kenya police recruitment news 2020 so that you are in the know when the recruitment dates are communicated. Ensure that when the time comes, you have all the necessary documents and that you have prepared accordingly to increase your chances of entering into the force. Be advised not to do anything that might land you in jail and lead to your disqualification, which would be a shame. The National Police Service recruitment has over the years been on the receiving end for rampant corruption, but there are initiatives to weed out this bad behavior.


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