In view of the fact that formally such a function is(?), we will not be able to access it, but we will save stories, as well as make reposts, using special mobile apps.

Below you will find the best apps for mobile devices on Android and iOS.


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Apps for saving and sharing Instagram stories on Android

Please note that only apps that allow you to save Instagram stories are available in the Google Playstore . The repost is then done manually, that is, you simply create a new story with saved content from other people’s stories.


Story Saver for Instagram — Story Assistant

Story Saver for Instagram — Story Assistantis a fairly popular application that really allows you to save stories to your phone. This is its only feature, but the nice thing is that the app supports multiple accounts at once, meaning you don’t have to switch a hundred times.
Key Features:
– Save Instagram Stories and Posts
– Repost videos and photos on your Instagram
– Safe login to your Instagram account
– Support multiple account
– Search and bookmark your favorite users
– Simple and neat interface
– Easy to use
– Download multiple video and photo at a time
– Share with your friends on social media



StorySave is a little unique app, as in addition to the usual photos and videos, it allows you to save Instagram stories and even live broadcasts!

The app requires you to log in to Instagram. After logging in, You will be able to navigate between the following tabs: posts, stories, and live feeds. If you want to save the history or live stream of a user that you don’t subscribe to, just use the search inside the app. After saving, the photo, story, or broadcast will end up in your phone’s gallery.


how to repost someone's story on instagram

Story Saver for Instagram

Save stories, easily download photo or videos stories for Instagram. Using story saver you can download Instagram stories to your phone or even repost those to your instagram page.


  • Quick save stories for instagram
  • Repost stories for Instagram
  • Download stories to your phone
  • Browse stories from your feed or even search stories of a user
  • Add any user to favorite and quickly access their stories

Apps for sharing Instagram stories on iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Below you will find several reposting apps available in the AppStore.

Repost and Save for Instagram

Repost and Save for Instagram allows you to repost regular photos, as well as stories Of your friends. The app is paid, but judging by reviews, it is the best among its own kind. Here there are no coins for each repost, so in the end, it is easier to pay once than to spend money and buy more loans several times later.

When you log in to the app, You will see a list of recent stories from your friends. Next, you can easily and simply make a repost of your chosen story. You can either repost directly to Your stories, or repost the story as a regular post.


Repost Stories for Instagram

Instagram stories repost is, in my opinion, the most successful app for sharing stories on Instagram.

It is very nice that the app does not require you to enter a username and password for your profile !

Main features of the app:

  • hidden viewing of friends ‘ stories, meaning that a friend / profile won’t know That you’ve watched his / her story
  • repost photos and videos from instagram stories
  • search by users


Repost for Instagram Story

Instagram Story Repost is a multi-functional application for Instagram. The app is free, but there is also a Pro version that opens additional features.

The app’s capabilities are quite broad:

  • save photos and videos from stories and feeds in high quality
  • save your profile photo
  • see the history of Instagram in anonymous mode
  • repost any photos and videos on Instagram
  • save your stories and repost them
  • add photos and videos older than 24 hours to your stories
  • multi-account support


Instant Repost for Instagram-Stories

Instant Repost for Instagram-Stories  is a simple app that allows you to repost from stories, as well as from feed and Yandex. direct 😊

Main features of the app:

  • repost photos and videos from friends ‘ stories
  • repost from tape
  • repost from Yandex. Direct’s Instagram
  • support for multiple accounts
  • search by users and hashtags

Disadvantages of the app:

  • limited number of free reposts, then you need to buy more credits
  • you need to log in to Instagram via the app

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Have a great mood and lots of beautiful stories!


Why Can’t I Repost stories on Instagram

One of the main reasons is that the publisher of the story has restricted their followers to repost the story. Other reasons include:

  1. You are not mutual followers in Instagram
  2. Instagram’s history has expired
  3. The Instagram application is not up to date
  4. Private account in Instagram

To mark it, go to your profile -> Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Story Controls -> Shared Content.

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