Vki Korean Drama, How To Download Viki Videos For Free
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Viki is one of the best websites to download Korean dramas, tv-series, and even Asian movies like Thailand, Japanese, Chinese movies, etc.

According to Alexa’s ranking, it is ranked #1,589 globally as of the time of writing this article. It has most of its visitors from the United States (20.9%), India (9.9%) and Italy (6.8%).

Vki Korean Drama, How To Download Viki Videos For Free

Why I love Viki Website

  1. It has a clean and simple interface making it very easy to use.
  2. You don’t have to register before you can watch any movie.
  3. It has subtitles for each of the dramas of the movie. Viki subtitles are in many languages.
  4. Each movie is categorized according to genre and country.

In order to continue a movie where you left off, you will need to register on the platform.


  1. Korean Drama
  2. Mainland Chinese Drama
  3. Taiwanese Drama
  4. Japanese
  5. Movies
  6. Variety
  7. Collections
  8. Community
  9. Apps

Viki App Download viki app

Viki app makes it very easy for mobile users to easily watch Viki Korean dramas. Follow these steps to download Viki app on android:

  1. From your mobile phone, go to Google play store.
  2. Type Viki on the search box and press search
  3. Finally, click install the app.

Viki app is 8.4 MB with an average of 4.2 ratings from over 676k users.

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How To Download Viki Videos

  1. Visit Viki.com
  2. Click on the drama you want to download
  3. While watching the video.
  4.  Copy the video URL & Go to www.tubeoffline.com or 9xbuddy.org
  5.  Enter the copied URL & get the download links.

Latest Viki Korean Drama 2020

  1. Where Your Eyes Linger
  2. Mute
  3. Timing
  4. The Romance
  5. High-end crush
  6. Thumping spike
  7. Level up
  8. Romantic Warriors
  9. Wind-bell
  10. The best Chicken

Viki Chinese Drama

  1. Love Designer- A respected designer in the world of fashion, Zhou Fang (Dilraba Dilmurat) has dedicated her life to her work. Known for her impeccable t…
  2. Go Go Squid- At 19, Tong Nian (Yang Zi) has the whole world at her feet. A brilliant IT programming student, with stellar grades and an equally impres…
  3. The Brightest Star in the Sky- A music-loving young woman named Yang Zhen Zhen (Wu Qian) lands what she thinks hopes be her dream job at Star Entertainment, one of China’s top talent agencies…
  4. My Dear Lady- Six years after saying, “I do”, Ling Xun Xun (Jiang Meng Jie) finds herself filing for divorce. After dedicating years of her life solely…
  5. The Eternal Love- When two sides of the same woman fall in love with two different princes, can either find true love? Qu Tan Er (Liang Jie) is the second…
  6. Legend of Fuyao- only she can restore peace to the land. Meng Fuyao (Yang Mi) is a young woman who was born out of a divine lotus petal. She masters an in..
  7. Princess Agents- During the lawless times of the Northern Wei, innocent citizens were kidnapped and turned into slaves.   Chu Qiao (Zhao Li Ying) is o..
  8. All I Want for Love is You- For third-year high school student, Gu Xiao Man (Lu Zhao Hua), life is anything but normal. A champion in the world of sanda fighting, Xi..
  9. Love O2O- Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) has both beauty and brains. A computer goddess, she aspires to be an online game developer. In her spare tim…
  10. A Love Is So Beautiful- Can the pure love of 17-year-olds endure through all the challenges of adulthood? Chen Xiao Xi (Shen Yue) and Jiang Chen (Hu Yi Tian) ar…

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Best Viki Japanese Drama

  1. Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo
  2. Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo 2
  3. Life-Love on the Line
  4. In Time With You (JP)
  5. You’re my pet-Kimi Wa Petto

How To Watch Viki Drama without ads

  1. Download an Adblock browser on your phone or Pc
  2. Open the browser.
  3. Visit Viki.com.
  4. Go to the settings of the installed browser.
  5. Search for the Adblock icon and click on it.

How Do I get Subtitles on Viki?

  1. When you start watching the Video
  2. Click on the blue Settings bar which is located next to the Volume Settings.
  3. Then choose the subtitle in the language of your choice.
  4.  Lastly, from the ‘Show Subtitles option’, move the button to the right, the subtitle will start showing.

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