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It is very easy to download videos from Facebook to your computer or smartphone. We have selected the best apps and sites for quick downloading of Facebook videos.

facebook video downloader

How to Download Facebook videos On Computer

  1. Find the video you want to download on Facebook.
  2. Without playing it, right-click on the preview image and select ” Copy link»
  3. Go to  fbdown.net. Paste the copied link and click ” Download»
  4. When the video is uploaded to the site, you will see its previews and the buttons “Download video in normal quality” and “Download video in HD quality”.
  5. Select the desired resolution level and download the video.

download facebook videos

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How to Download Facebook videos On Android Using app

  1. First,  download Facebook video downloader from Playstore.
  2. Copy the link to the desired video on Facebook.
  3. To do this in the Android app, tap on the video, then tap on three dots and select “Copy link”.
  4. Open the app
  5. Paste the copied link into the text field.
  6. Click the upload button and select the quality of the final file

How to Download Facebook videos from to your iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Facebook app and copy the link to the video . To do this, click “Share” under the video post and select “Copy link”. You will need it to upload the video.
  2. Open any of the listed Downloader sites in Safari: Getfvid , FB Downloader, or SaceAs,
  3. Paste the link you copied earlier into the text field.
  4. Then click on the upload button and select the video quality.
  5. After that, the browser will start downloading the file.
  6. Click on the arrow in the upper-right corner of Safari to view the download status.
  7. When the file is downloaded, tap on it.
  8. When the uploaded video opens in the player, click on the “Share” icon (in the form of an arrow-shaped square) and select “Save video”. It will appear in the standard Photo app.

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Best Facebook Video Downloader Online Website 2020

  1.  fbdownloader
  2. 4K Video Downloader
  3. FBDOWN.net
  4. GetfVid
  5. BitDownloader’s Free Facebook Downloader
  6. KeepVid
  7. ClipGrab
  8. Savefrom.net
  9. iTube
  10. FB Video Saver
  11. SaveAs.CO
  12. iDownloader
  13. FileVid
  14. Social Video Downloader
  15. Facebook Video Downloader (for Firefox)

Best Facebook Video Downloader App 2020

  1. Video downloader for facebook Android / iphone
  2. Video downloader  Android
  3. Video downloader for FB Android
  4. HD video download for facebook Android
  5. Download Facebook Photo albums by X app Android
  6. FBDownload.io iPhone
  7. Video Downloader facebook iPhone
  8. Video downloader for  Android
  9. Video downloader for facebook  Android
  10. 10. Download Photos for facebook Android


So those are the ways to download Facebook videos on your Android/ iPhone devices. Following the tutorial will help you download videos present in Facebook wall. Please like, share, and also comment on your video downloading experience.

Sources: Lifehacker.com, techigem.com, lumen5.com

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