How To Change Twitter Username On Mobile And PC

Twitter is one of the most used and popular social media on the web. It is very fun and interactive to use. Both brands and people tend to use twitter for professional connections and awareness of new products.

You should know how to change twitter Trabzon Escort username which is also known as ‘handle’. This aids you in making the necessary changes anytime you feel like the twitter handle doesn’t portrait your personality well. Just like in our case, after we had sign up for twitter account. We notice our Twitter handle was “@HubZona”. That didn’t represent our brand well, so we had to modify it to Zona_Hub.

How to change Twitter username on Android phone

  1. Log in to twitter account via your mobile
  2. Click on “settings and privacy” which is on the left side.
  3. Then, click on the account.
  4. Under Login and security, click username
  5. On the next page, modify the username to your preferred one.
  6. Lastly, tap save.

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How to change Twitter username on PC/Desktop

1. Login to twitter using your PC.

2. Click on “more”

How to change Twitter username

3. Next click on settings and privacy.

How to change Twitter handle

4. Tap Account and then on Username.

5. Choose username from the suggestions or type the one you want in the box.

Finally, click Save.

How to change your display name on Twitter

1. Log in to your account

Open a browser or mobile application and log in to your Twitter account as usual, and then go to the home page.

2. Go to your profile

Click on the “header”, the profile photo (or the gear icon if you don’t have a photo) located between the search bar and the “Tweet” button in the upper right corner. Select the first option – “Show Profile”.

You can also click on the profile photo, display name, username, or a number showing the number of tweets. Click on the “ Edit Profile button located on the right side, after which a form for entering a new name will appear, and the rest of the screen will become paler.

In the mobile application, click the Edit button on the home page (tab “ I “).

3. Change display name

In the form that opens, enter the desired alias. Remember, its length should not exceed 20 characters. When finished, do not forget to save the changes.


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