Currently, watching sports is a popular form of entertainment around the world. Most people who are sports fans crave free and reliable sources to watch online sports broadcasts. There are many free sports streaming sites online you can use. Whether it is football, baseball, cricket, tennis, badminton, golf, wrestling, etc, they got it covered.
 They always work in any part of the world. With all the sites listed below, you can enjoy popular sports like the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish Premier League, Italian Serie A, cricket, badminton, Rugby, NBA, NFL and many more.

 In this article, you will find some of the best free sports streaming sites to watch sports online.

Here is a list of the best live sports broadcasts that allow the user to watch online sports games at no cost.

Here is a list of the top 10 free sports streaming sites in 2020

  1. Bosscast
  2. Reddit
  3. Time4tv
  4. Sony liv
  5. Loala1
  6. LiveTV
  7. Hotstar
  8. Now Tv
  9. ESPN
  10. Sky Sports

1. BossCast

Boss cast is a website that allows you to stream live sports channels and matches for free. This is a website that curates available streams for a game that can be used directly on a site where there is a built-in player. A person can enjoy football, baseball, tennis, cricket, motorcycle racing, racing, and other popular sports for free. It has a  disadvantage, as it provides show ads that are very aggressive with invasive pop-ups. But if you are comfortable with advertising, then use BossCast.

2. Reddit

You will be surprised to see Reddit on the list. Reddit is not a sports streaming website but is the largest community-supported platform on the Internet. A person can find several subreddit pages that are regularly updated and provide free live broadcasts for various sports events. All these sub-edits curates a page with the latest links for fans, from where a person can directly stream matches.

Most threads that the reader will find will be unofficial, so the person will need to check the working threads, as it can be blocked at any time. A person can use Google search to find threads in Reddit by using Reddit as a keyword in a Google search query.

3. Time4TV – this is a site that allows sports fans to watch TV channels from different parts of the world. You can simply check the sports channel that can broadcast the match and find the channel in the Time4TV list.

You can access more than 60 sports channels, which can include Sky network, BT Sports network, Sony network, Star network, Fox network, ESPN, MU TV, NFL Network, MLB Network, WWE Network, NBA TV, and many other channels. Each of the channels is provided with several links, so in case any links do not load. You will find it as the best source for viewing sports live on TV channels as it is without any restrictions.

4. Sony Liv

Sony Liv is a channel available by Sony, an Indian streaming service for watching sports broadcasts on a streaming device. Sony India broadcasts cricket with some broadcast rights. It also broadcasts various premium sports such as football, Rugby, racing, MMA, WWE, and many others. You can watch all these games for free without buying a subscription, but they may have some limitations.

Most streams are delayed by 5 minutes if you want to watch them without a subscription. This will not be a bad deal when viewing the content it offers. It provides service exclusively for India, so if you wish to use it outside of India, you must use a VPN application with servers available in India. If you are seriously looking for a sports streaming site, then sony liv would be a great option.

5. Loala 1

Loala is one of the best sports streaming sites based in Austria. This is a site that has an international version that is not linked to the region. You can watch live in the country. You will find tons of football streams from all over the world. This is a website that has a very good design interface without interference. Although the services are provided from Austria. The service will help you watch matches that are not available in any source.

6. LiveTV.SX

This is a sports streaming website that hosts links to view various sports events. This is not a legal source of viewing content, since the service places a link from various available media. You can watch La Liga, UEFA, badminton, Rugby, NBL, NFL, FIFA, WWE, MMA, and various major events for free.

You will not require any account or subscription. You just need to search for live matches on the site that opens the link. The only drawback of the service – is its ads which are aggressive and annoying. If you are okay with the ads, then LiveTVSK is the best free service.

7. Hotstar

If you like to watch Indian content, then the best choice is Hotstar from the 21st Century Fox. This is a website that offers some of the best sports programs with a 5-minute delay and you can access it without a subscription. But if you want to watch live, you will need a subscription.

You can also catch the match highlights and analysis. Besides sports, this platform has a huge library of the best Indian dramas, series, movies, and TV shows. This makes it a premium destination for first-class Indian programs.

Hotstar has received many Hollywood films. It was launched in the US and Canada by distributing a library of content to avoid any infringement of digital rights. You can access it on the Internet by visiting

8. Now TV

Currently, Now TV is a free subscription-based Internet television service available for the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Italy. Now TV is owned by Sky plc. Now TV has all the available TV channels, sports broadcasts, programs, and movies that belong to the Sky network. You can access Sky Network sports channels, live streaming, sports channels, and other entertainment series.

It provides paid services, and you may have to pay 9.99 euros every month, but it does have a 14-day free trial. You can access 10 sports channels. The TV is now available for more than 60 devices, including consoles and Smart TVs. if you are serious about watching an important sporting event, then try a 14-day free trial plan.

9. ESPNWatch

Most of you probably know about ESPNWatch. This is a separate sports streaming app for the main sports program. ESPN has acquired the rights to broadcast a number of programs.

If you subscribe to ESPN +, you are entitled to thousands of live events with access to ESPN, 2, 3 U, the SEC network, as well as ESPNews and the Longhorn Network. All of them are available for live streaming on the ESPN app. This is a website with a very good interface that works well even at normal Internet speed. If you are looking for a legal way to stream live then you should consider using ESPN.

10. Sky Sports

This one is based in the UK and is licensed to broadcast live all sporting events taking place in the UK and Ireland. The English Premier League is a popular football League not only in the UK but also around the world. Now with this free online sports streaming service, you will be able to catch all Premier League matches for free right on your mobile device if you have an Internet connection.

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