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Free online courses with certificate of completion can open up a whole new world of educational and career opportunities. After all, expanding your skills and expanding your knowledge base will always serve you well. You can supplement your CV to make yourself more attractive to employers or develop new skills that help you to be more effective in your business; you don’t have to spend any money on doing so, there is not much downside.

Millions of people are now taking advantage of free online courses to gain skills and increase their chances for a better job. People who do not have the time to attend live classes now have many options. For some individuals, taking an online class can give them a head start.

These programs give you the freedom to work or study on your own time, without worrying about how you will spend your weekend and the days you will need to take a vacation.

Everyone has the ability to learn, but it takes a self-motivated person to take action and get the information they need in a short period of time. Some people need to learn how to read or gain extra skills.

Classes can be completed on your own time and that means you will not have to work to pay for your education. There are many resources available on the internet that offer these programs. However, choosing the right one can be a challenge. Therefore, in this article, we have stated some of the best courses online you can study for free with certificate. 

Some of these programs  are just for a few hours and you will be done. 

Are online courses with certificate worth it?
Getting free certificates online can boost your productivity and make you a more valuable employee, but just because they’re free doesn’t mean they don’t need any effort. Here are some tips on how to maximize the benefits of free online training:

Do some research to make sure you want to learn everything the course teaches. Withdrawing from a free course is easy (and many do so: Less than five percent of people who enroll in MOOCs are already completing them), but this can negatively affect your motivation to learn. Find a course that works for you on a topic you want to learn more about. Some of the more useful courses offer a project-based work that gives you something tangible (along with your degree) that you can show your employer to prove your competence.

Increase your chances of success by taking only one course at a time. You don’t want to exhaust your mental resources. You have to be realistic about what you can fit your lifestyle: a self-paced course may be more appropriate than a specific schedule, for example. Make sure to plan when you can do the work – maybe you can watch the videos while riding the morning bus or read the course material right after dinner. See that you do not overestimate yourself.

It takes serious mental discipline to continue the cycle even when your interest wanes or your lifestyle becomes hectic. If you find your motivation hanging, try to refocus on the skills you hope to gain and why you want to take the course in the first place. Exercising good time management skills can go a long way toward reducing stress and maintaining your enthusiasm.

An ideal opportunity for many people around the world to improve their educational level, and gain new knowledge and skills, online learning is gaining popularity every year. No matter where you live, these free online education courses with certificate are available Below is our top list of free online courses with certificate of completion.

Top 13 Free Online Courses with Certificate

1. Introduction to Graphic Design, Udemy

udemyWhy is this logo catchy? Why does this poster stand out? In this course, you will learn the theory behind creating images that attract attention and understand the basic principles and elements of design. Udemy has a lot of Free Online Courses with Certificate on their site. You can check them out.
Duration: 11 hours / 21 lessons

2. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Basic Tools, Alison

Main image processing and retouching of photos with this course. You will be guided through the Photoshop user interface and gain the basic techniques to edit and improve your images.

Duration: 1 hour / 12 lessons

3. Social Media 101, Buffer

Learn the basics of social media in just two minutes a day with the one-week email class in Buffer. You’ll be able to master everything from creating a tone for social media posts to understanding online marketing analytics.

Duration: 2 hours / 8 lessons

4. Diploma in Social Media Marketing, Alison

Want to know how email marketing, blogging, and Facebook can create a business page that attracts customers? If so, then this course is for you. Upon completion, you will understand the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and know the different ways to increase traffic.

Duration: 14 minutes / 7 lessons

5. SEO Advanced: Tactics and Strategy, Udemy

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\Free Online Courses with CertificateIn this course, you will learn a wide range of SEO topics as well as gain an understanding of some of the deeper concepts and strategies. Content is digestible to all levels of knowledge.

Duration: 15-20 hours / 11 lessons

6. Online Marketing for Smart People, Copyblogger

Copyblogger offers a methodical and simple approach to implementing effective online marketing with this email course. By registering, you will also register instant access to 14 e-books on content marketing, ad writing, keyword research, and many other topics.

Duration: 1 hour / 7 lessons

7. Marketing in the Digital World, Coursera

Created by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, this course examines how digital tools – such as smartphones, the Internet, and 3D printing – have revolutionized the world of marketing. You will be taught how to use these tools to persuade customers to purchase, distribute and set appropriate prices for your products. Coursera is another platform like Udemy that offers Free Online Courses with Certificate.
Duration: 20 lessons

8. Getting started with Google Analytics, Udemy

This course will help you master the basics of Google Analytics and understand how to increase your site’s performance. Regardless of your ability to interpret data, you will learn to translate raw data into actionable insights.

Duration: 32 hours / 24 lessons

9. Email Marketing Crash Course, HubSpot

If you’ve been struggling to achieve your marketing goals via email, look no further than the HubSpot video series. The videos explain everything from increasing the most effective organic email lists to achieving a higher open rate to boosting customer care.

Duration: 4 hours / 21 lessons

10. Introduction to Public Speaking, edX

Designed by Washington University, this course aims to help you become a more effective and confident public speaker. You will learn to design and present basic arguments and presentations with information and persuasive and sophisticated arguments, all within 10 weeks.

Duration: 5 lessons

11. Strategic Communication, edX

Often times, people who have the most to say are having a hard time saying this. This course is geared towards experts (scientists, engineers and other technical specialists), and this course will help you to communicate effectively with non-scientists to inform the organizational decision-making process.

Duration: 30-50 hours / 10 lessons

12. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel, edX

Free Online Courses with CertificateThis course is brought to you by microsoft. I this course you will learn how to

  • Gather and transform data from multiple sources
  • Discover and combine data in mashups
  • Learn about data model creation
  • Explore, analyze, and visualize data


13. Meningitis: Introduction, WHO

This course is being offered by the World Health Organization. This course will teach you all you need to know about Meningitis and how to control it.


Here, we have them….Free Online Courses with Certificate. Leave your comments below.

Free Premium Udemy Courses for the Month of May

This courses below will become a paid course in less than 24 hours. So take advantage of it now.

 01- Full Stack: Angular and Spring Boot

02- Deploy Java Spring Apps Online to Amazon Cloud (AWS)

03- Python Pandas Library Full Tutorial

04- Learn Java8 Streams By Coding it with Hands on Example

05- Penetration Testing with KALI and More: All You Need to Know

06- NestJS Zero to Hero – Modern TypeScript Back-end Development

07- 15 Economic problems facing the Prime Minister in the 2020s

08- 2020s and beyond: Real World Macro Economics (+ workbooks)

09- 11 hrs of ‘different’ Micro/Macro Economics (Dogonomics)

10- Lagom: the Swedish twist on minimalism for the 2020s

11- 2020/1:College level Business Diploma (Oxford)

12- 2020s:Depression – understand…overcome. (+ Oxford Diploma)

13- Google My Business: Optimize Your Google Maps Listing in2020

14- Online Course Creation: Built To Sell Online Courses

15- Facebook Ads For Beginners in 2020

16- Face and Body Retouching with Adobe Photoshop 2020

17- Google Suite and Online Teaching – The Ultimate Guide

18- Shopify Build Your Store: Start a Store Fast, Easy & Simple

19- Web Development Masterclass – Complete Certificate Course

20- NGINX, Apache, SSL Encryption – Certification Course

21- Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming

22- MCQs test of Unity (Game Engine)-Intermediate/Advanced Level

23- Email Marketing Mastery in 2020

24- 8 Projects to learn Adobe Illustrator

25- Python Basics that Everyone Must know about!

26- Spring Cloud & Microservices Workshop 27- Create E-Commerce Site Locally to Practice QA Automation 28- Conceptos de AWS 29- COVID-19 in Immunosuppressed Patients 30- jQuery for Absolute Beginners : From Beginning to Advanced 31- 7 Days Pilates Challenge: 15 mins x 7 Days 32- What is Data Science? 33- The Absolute Beginners Guide to Statistics and Probability 34- R Programming 35- DNS Server Installation & Administration-Windows Server 2016 36- Indonesian for Beginners 37- Learn to Host Multiple Domains on one Virtual Server 38- How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur – A Beginners Guide 39- How to Install a Free SSL Certificate using Let’s Encrypt 40- Microsoft Excel tricks (MacBook & Windows) beginner-advanced 41- Complete Presentation Skills Masterclass for Every Occasion 42- The Complete Focus Mastery Course – Brain Concentration 43- The Complete Mindfulness Course – Enjoy Life In the Present 44- Data Visualization in Excel: All Excel Charts and Graphs 45- QuickBooks Online 2020, 2019 & 2018 Start to Finish 46- QuickBooks Pro Desktop 2020, 2019, & 2018 Start to Finish 47- Financial Accounting – Subsidiary Ledgers & Special Journals 48- Accounting–Financial Accounting Total-Beginners to Advanced 49- Financial Accounting & Excel–Comprehensive Accounting Course 50- Financial Accounting – Inventory Costs 51- Microsoft Excel Masterclass for Business Managers 52- Managerial Accounting / Cost Accounting 53- Financial Accounting – Merchandising Transactions 54- Financial Accounting-Adjusting Entries & Financial Statement 55- Neural Networks (ANN) in R studio using Keras & TensorFlow 56- Decision Trees, Random Forests, AdaBoost & XGBoost in Python 57- Excel Analytics: Linear Regression Analysis in MS Excel 58- Time Series Analysis and Forecasting using Python 59- Tools for Working From Home – Google Apps, Trello & Zoom 60- CNN for Computer Vision with Keras and TensorFlow in R 61- Instagram Marketing 2020 | Grow Organic Followers Naturally! 62- Kotlin | Introducción a la Programación 63- Adobe Lightroom Masterclass – Beginner to Expert 64- Desarrollo web. CSS desde cero. Edición 2020 65- Java y BlueJ | Introducción a las Bases de la Programación 66- Desarrollo web. HTML desde cero. Edición 2020 67- Desarrollo web. JavaScript desde cero. Edición 2020 68- CompTIA JK0-022 E2C Security Cryptography Certification Exam 69- Basic Communication & Mindset: How to Be Likeable And Sweet? 70- Artificial Intelligence Website Design Tools 2020 71- Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: Part 1 72- How to Write a Professional Business Plan 73- Creative Thinking : How to Think More Creatively 74- Deep Learning with Keras and Tensorflow in Python and R 75- Personal Finance/Budgeting Basics 76- Remote Worker – Trabajador Remoto 77- [2020] Guia Oficial de Scrum Narrada en español 78- [2020] Agile Coach – MasterClass 79- [2020] Service Desk Fundamentos 80- [2020] KanBan Comprendelo facilmente 81- 2020] ISO 27001 Preparacion para Auditor 82- [2020] COBIT version 5 Fundamentos 83- [2020] DevOps Fundamentos 84- [2020] Scrum Master Certificación Mundial 85- Communication skills – CV, Interview, Business letter 86- How to Write and Publish a Research Paper: Complete Guide 87- ISC SSCP Security Operation Administration Practice Exam 88- Personal & Business Development for Startup Founders 89- Deep Web- The complete Introduction to the hidden web 90- CISSP Security Assessment Testing Operations Practice Exam 91- Learn Excel from beginner to advance with Example 92- The Complete Sales Skills Master Class – Sales Marketing B2B 93- The Complete Life Purpose Course – Personal Success for You 94- The Complete Self-Discipline Course – Control Your Own Life 95- How To Love Your Job 96- AZ-204 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure 97- Learn English With Movies 98- Advanced Fat Loss Using Ketosis and Extended Fasting 99- MTFFLO001 Master the Force Introduction to Salesforce Flows 100- Basic Drawing Techniques 101- Network with people over LinkedIn and land Interview calls 102- Budgeting & Standard (AIR,Ex- KPMG) : ACCA | CA | CIMA | PG 103- Master Your Camera for Beginners

104- How To Make A Beautiful WordPress Website 2020 105- Make a 2D game in Unity3D 106- Learn Arduino Robots from scratch 107- Public Service Announcement Online Training Course 108- S/4 HANA MM – Sourcing and Procurement

109- ADHD Strengths and Challenges

110- Tools Of Media Manipulation [Part 2]

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