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Canadian Army Recruitment For Foreigners 2021 | Application Guide & Requirements

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If you are interested in joining or enlisting in the Canadian Army as a foreigner, you first must become a Canadian citizen.

Once you obtain citizenship, complete the online application, and mail in the required documents.

You’ll then pair with an Army recruiter, who will help you complete additional forms and examinations, prepare for your interview, and enroll in the Canadian Armed Forces.

With some patience and dedication, you can become part of the Canadian Army even if you weren’t born in Canada.

Meeting The Requirement Of Canadian Citizenship

Become a Canadian citizen. To become a citizen, you must legally live in Canada for 3 consecutive years. Then, you can apply online, copy the required documents, pay the immigration fee, and mail in your completed application. When approved, take a citizenship test, interview, take your citizenship oath, and receive your citizenship!
The process to obtain citizenship takes time and effort, but it is a prerequisite needed to join the Canadian Army.
You must speak both English or French fluently and be well versed in Canadian history. You will take both a language assessment and a test on your knowledge of Canada.

Step 2

You must be at least 18 years old or have parental consent. If you have parental consent, you can apply at age 17.
There are some programs with age exceptions. With parental consent, you can apply for Paid Education programs if you are 16 and older. You can also apply for the Primary Reserves if you are also a full-time student.

Step 3

Complete up to Grade 10 at a minimum. To get started on a Canadian Armed Forces career, you must complete up to Grade 10 if not beyond. Some jobs will require higher levels of education to get a job. For example, if you want an engineering position, you must have an engineering degree.
If you live in Québec, you must complete up to Secondaire IV.


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Filling Out the Application for Canadian Army

Click on “Start Application Now” and sign in to your account. You can sign in using the same information you use for other online services (banking), or you can sign in with a GCKey user ID and password. Select the right credential option by clicking the appropriate blue button.
Visit here.

If you are signing in with your online service information, select your sign-in partner from the listed options, including Affinity, ATB Financial, Scotiabank, and Tangerine, to name a few. Type in your login number, and press “Continue.”
If signing in with a GCKey ID, you can enter your username and password or sign up for an account.

Complete the online form and review your responses before you submit them. Fill in the requested information, like your name, address, education, and citizenship status. Be sure to complete all required boxes and answer all questions accurately. After it is submitted, you cannot edit your application. Press “Submit” when you are finished!

You can save your progress and finish it later if you need to. If you do not complete the application within 90 days of your last changes, it will be deleted.
After you submit, you will get an automated email confirming that your application was received. The email will also explain the next steps.

Mail-in a copy of your required documents. Make a photocopy of the documents explained in your confirmation email. Put all of your copies into an envelope, and mail it back to the Canadian Armed Forces.

Documents to mail-in include your birth certificate, government-issued photo ID (listing Canadian citizenship), education transcripts, trade qualifications, and professional licenses.

Your confirmation email will list what address to mail your documents to. You should also mail in any additional forms required for your particular job. Your confirmation email will detail what forms to complete.

Completing Required Forms and Tests

Complete the reliability screening forms. Screening forms ensure you are trustworthy to handle sensitive government information and equipment. Fill out the forms honestly and completely. With these forms, provide non-family references and disclose any legal obligations (such as parole, student loans, or large debts).

You may be requested to provide fingerprints as well.
The Canadian Government will check the validity of your responses.

Fill out a clearance pre-assessment about where you lived abroad. You will also receive this assessment and instructions via email. Review the email, and gather any official documents requested in the email. Once you complete the assessment and have all the documents needed, mail them back to the Canadian Armed Forces.

The email will also provide you with an address to mail in your documents.
Required documents may include copies of your passport, birth certificate, and visas. The Canadian Government may have you send additional documents if you have immediate family members living outside of Canada.

The entire process can take between 6-18 months, depending on how long it takes to retrieve documents from your home country’s security forces.

Schedule your aptitude test with a recruiter and take a practice test. After your online application is processed, you will be contacted by a recruiter. Your recruiter will schedule your aptitude test.

Complete the practice test to get a sense of what the questions on the test will be like, so you can do your best. ‘

Practice questions can be things like “VICTORY is the opposite of ____” and “Which number comes next in the following series? 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.”

Complete the aptitude test to determine your job. You have 45 minutes to answer 60 questions, testing your verbal, spatial, and problem-solving skills. Answer each question to the best of your ability. Your test results will show your strengths and weaknesses, which then help officers determine your job type.

Job types range includes artillery, combat, engineers, clerks, administration, transportation, and the list goes on.

Finish a medical and fitness examination. First, complete a medical questionnaire about your medical history. Answer questions about your current and past illnesses and any medication you take. Then, complete the physical examination with a licensed doctor. A doctor will measure your height and weight, as well as evaluate your hearing, perception, and vision.

Your recruiter will help you prepare for your examinations, find a doctor, and schedule your appointment.
If you have any unique medical conditions, this process can take a bit longer. You may have to obtain and submit official letters from specialists.

Enrolling in the Canadian Army

Prepare for your interview with a military career counselor. A military career counselor will invite you to an official job interview after they receive your test results. To prepare for the interview, review the job description, and reflect on why you want to join the Army. Be prepared to talk about your experience and education.

You can also lookup practice questions on the “Application Process” section of the website.
Practice questions include things like, “What do you like about the jobs you listed on the application?” or “Why do you want to join the army as a foreigner?”

Interview for your desired job. On the day of your interview, style your hair neatly and wear professional clothes, like trousers, a button-down shirt, and a tie. You will answer questions on your knowledge of the Canadian Armed Forces and the job you applied for. Prove to them that you are the right fit for this role!

Stay calm and act confidently. You’ve done a ton of preparation for this, and now you can show them what makes you great!

Pass the reliability and security screenings. After your interview, your recruiter will contact you and let you know which documents to submit for security check. They will help you collect and mail in documents that will determine your security clearances.

Different jobs will require different levels of security clearance, and this must be finalized before you can be offered a job.
You will send in documents covering personal information, education qualifications, professional credentials, criminal record, credit history, and employment history.
Since you were not born in Canada, you may have to supply additional documents regarding your home country.

Enroll in the Canadian Army within 10 days if you are offered a job. After all, steps are completed and processed, you will be offered a job if the Army wants you! The military career counselor will contact you to offer you the job. Once you receive the job offer, you have 10 days to accept or refuse the offer.

You will then be mailed joining instructions and information about your enrolment ceremony as well as basic training.

Swear into the Canadian Armed Forces at your enrollment ceremony. Your joining instructions will provide you with detailed information regarding when your ceremony will take place and how to invite your friends and family. This is when you make your commitment to the Canadian Army. Congratulations!

Canadian Forces Salaries

National Defence and the Canadian Forces Salaries as reported by
Salary in the Canadian Army Starts at about $30,000 a year and increases to more than $55,000, depending on rank and occupation.
Job Title Salary
Army Officer salaries – 2 salaries reported CA$5,947/mo
Officer salaries – 2 salaries reported CA$60,000/yr
Corporal salaries – 2 salaries reported CA$52,000/yr
Flight Engineer salaries – 2 salaries reported CA$73,210/yr

Ranks and appointment in the Canadian Army

Ranks in the Canadian Armed Forces mark a person’s position in its hierarchical structure. As people gain more responsibility and authority, they earn promotions in rank.

The formal rank structure within the Forces is essential for:

  • passing orders in operations
  • ensuring clarity of command
  • maintaining order and discipline

Insignia, the badges worn on uniforms, show the person’s rank. You can see the insignia for each rank at:

  • Royal Canadian Navy ranks and badges
  • Canadian Army ranks and badges
  • Royal Canadian Air Force ranks and badges

Here are the Navy, Army, and Air Force ranks with classifications and acronyms:

For Mobile Users:- Ensure You Scroll To The Side Of Your Phone To View The Full Table Below

Ranks Royal Canadian Navy Canadian Army / Royal Canadian Air Force
General/Flag Officers Admiral (Adm) General (Gen)
Vice-Admiral (VAdm) Lieutenant-General (LGen)
Rear-Admiral (RAdm) Major-General (MGen)
Commodore (Cmdre) Brigadier-General (BGen)
Senior Officers Captain(N) (Capt(N)) Colonel (Col)
Commander (Cdr) Lieutenant-Colonel (LCol)
Lieutenant-Commander (LCdr) Major (Maj)
Junior Officers Lieutenant(N) (Lt(N)) Captain (Capt)
Sub-Lieutenant (SLt) Lieutenant (Lt)
Acting Sub-Lieutenant (A/SLt) Second Lieutenant (2Lt)
Subordinate Officer Naval Cadet (NCdt) Officer Cadet (OCdt)
Warrant Officers, Petty Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Chief Petty Officer 1st class
(CPO 1)
Chief Warrant Officer
Chief Petty Officer 2nd class
(CPO 2)
Master Warrant Officer (MWO)
Petty Officer 1st class
(PO 1)
Warrant Officer (WO)
Petty Officer 2nd class
(PO 2)
Sergeant (Sgt)
Junior Non-Commissioned Members Master Seaman (MS) Master Corporal (MCpl)
Leading Seaman (LS) Corporal (Cpl)
Able Seaman (AB) Private (Trained) (Pte (T)) / Aviator (Trained) (Avr (T))
Ordinary Seaman (OS) Private (Basic) (Pte (B)) / Aviator (Basic) (Avr (B))

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