Benefits and Harms of A Glass of Water in the Morning On An Empty Stomach

Water plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the body. But before you adopt such a method of recovery as drinking a glass of liquid on an empty stomach, you should carefully study all its pros and cons.

Famous centenarians Japanese people have passed on the secret of their longevity from generation to generation – they start every day with a glass of clean water. Numerous studies confirm that this simple manipulation not only strengthens the body but also has a complex therapeutic and preventive effect on it.

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Benefits and Harms of A Glass of Water in the Morning On An Empty Stomach

A glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach: benefits and harms

Natural cleansing of the body’s systems

There are many factors (an unfavorable environmental situation, fast food craze, sedentary lifestyle, etc.) that contribute to the accumulation of toxins in the body, which reduce its resources and negatively affect its well-being.

The liquid helps not only to remove slags from the body but also to refresh the complexion and improve the condition of hair and skin.

Speeding up your metabolism

Metabolism is one of the most important processes in the body. A glass of water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach is the driving force that triggers the metabolism, giving it an extra boost. Just half an hour is enough to increase the metabolic rate by 20-30%.

Optimization of the gastrointestinal tract

Drinking water in the morning contributes to the formation of gastric enzymes and normalization of the digestive process, allows you to get rid of the feeling of heaviness provoked by a plentiful dinner the day before. With its help, the level of acidity in different parts of the stomach is minimized. Therefore, people suffering from gastritis or ulcers should regularly drink a glass after sleep to cope with colic and reduce the burning sensation.

Elimination of the pain

The pain of an antispasmodic nature (headache, menstrual, joint) is also easy to overcome with the help of life-giving moisture. Warm water, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, will be an excellent antispasmodic and will help to get rid of unpleasant sensations throughout the body.

Weight loss

Active cleansing, which begins in the body after drinking water, not only removes toxins and slags but also contributes to weight loss. However, you will not be able to achieve a slim figure only on the basis of this method.

Improving health and energy potential

A healthy habit of drinking water in the morning activates the circulatory, lymphatic and genitourinary systems, strengthens the immune system, and increases the body’s resistance to various infectious diseases. In addition, morning drinking promotes cell regeneration at various levels, helps to maintain skin tone, and also helps to overcome drowsiness and gives a good mood.

Benefits and Harms of A Glass of Water in the Morning On An Empty Stomach

Hot or Cold Water – that’s the question

According to some health-improving methods, water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach should be necessarily hot. According to another version, you should drink only cold water, and in small SIPS. To find the Golden mean, you need to listen to the state of the body and clearly indicate the expected effect:

  1. Faster to Wake up and cheer up will help chilled water (15-20oC), which will become a kind of irritant for the stomach lining – the body will begin to produce energy for warming and, as a result, immediately eliminate lethargy, drowsiness. It is believed that this method contributes to an increase in life expectancy.
  2. To activate the digestive process and improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, you should drink water at room temperature (20-27oC).
  3. Preserving youth and beauty is more conducive to warm and hot water (27-40oC). A liquid of this temperature well washes out the waste of digestion and mucus that have gathered overnight on the walls of the stomach, triggers metabolic processes, and saturates the body’s cells with oxygen.

Do not use boiling water, even if you drink it in small SIPS. This can cause irreparable harm to the body, starting from burns to the throat and esophagus, ending with the development of cancer.

Refusing to eat leads to negative consequences: obeying the running digestive processes, an empty stomach begins to digest itself, which can cause gastritis. And in the subsequent meal, more food will be needed to satisfy your appetite, which will lead to heaviness in the stomach, a malfunction in the gastrointestinal tract, and will become a prerequisite for weight gain.

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How to drink water correctly In The Morning

It is quite simple to achieve the maximum effect from your morning drink:

  • the liquid should be drunk immediately after waking up;
  • between water intake and Breakfast it should take 30-40 minutes;
  • you can not replace the water with tea, milk, juice or other drink, because the healing effect will be reduced to zero;
  • you can not use boiled water, but only purified, filtered or mineral still water with a slightly salty taste (it is better to refuse from boiling because in this case, the useful properties of the liquid are lost).

The best option will be meltwater from a spring. But it is not easy to find it, so you can prepare a glass of healing liquid yourself by putting a glass of purified water in the freezer. Turning into ice, water changes its crystal structure. During this process, negative substances are destroyed, and after defrosting, the original structural and energy state of the liquid is restored.

To achieve this goal, you need time, so you should be patient and conduct a full course of Wellness procedures. The duration and effectiveness of the treatment depend on the disease and the regularity of this manipulation:

  • you can get rid of frequent constipation, cope with gastritis and adjust the digestive process in 10-15 days;
  • cleaning the body and eliminating signs of dehydration will take 2-3 weeks;
  • diabetics will need at least a month to relieve their overall condition;
  • normalize blood pressure will be possible for 30-40 days;
  • in the case of tuberculosis, therapy in 3 months will help to improve your well-being.

Starting the course of procedures, it is desirable to refuse to use coffee (having a diuretic effect, it contributes to the fact that the body loses fluid). It is also necessary to listen to the state of the body and at the slightest deterioration of the condition, you should stop the sessions. And people suffering from oncological diseases or joint-visceral forms of arthritis, before starting drinking therapy, it is better to consult a doctor.

Drinking Water In The Morning Disadvantages: Potential Harms

The need for liquid is an individual value, so the daily water intake depends on age, lifestyle, daily diet, and body condition. Regardless of these factors, a glass of water drunk in the morning before Breakfast will not hurt anyone. But in some cases you need to be careful:

  1. In the presence of edema, heart disease, and chronic hypertension, you can not do without consulting a specialist.
  2. Water with lemon or honey is not recommended for Allergy sufferers since there is a risk of increased stomach acidity, as well as exacerbation of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.
  3. People suffering from gallstones, it is better to refuse drinking procedures in the morning, because the drink can cause an attack, provoking the movement of concretions in the bile ducts.


It is worth remembering that recovery and improvement of the overall condition of the body are possible only with the use of plain water. Juices, mors, decoctions of herbs, and even green tea, called the longevity drink, will not bring the desired effect, because each of them has its own specificity and spectrum of influence. Therefore, it is better to choose clean water and make this habit a tradition that will help you forget about feeling bad and prevent many health problems.

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