Baze University Dress Code

Hey there, future Baze University students! Ever wondered why everyone at Baze looks so put-together? Well, it’s all thanks to the cool dress code they’ve got going on.

So, picture this: you stroll onto the Baze campus, and you notice everyone looking sharp. That’s not just a coincidence – it’s a part of the Baze spirit! The dress code isn’t about being fancy; it’s about rocking a style that says, “I’m here to learn, and I mean business.”

In this article, we’re going to know the dress code for students at Baze University and also some of its rules and regulations

Student Honour Code and Behaviour (Rules)

At Baze University, students are expected to uphold the highest standards of conduct, both on and off-campus, as they are considered representatives of the university wherever they go. Adherence to the Baze University Honour Code and the promotion of good behaviour are non-negotiable aspects of student life.

In line with these principles, students are required to refrain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substances. Additionally, any intentional misuse or abuse of substances is strictly prohibited. The university places a strong emphasis on maintaining a safe and respectful environment, and as such, students are expected to abstain from engaging in sexual misconduct, including homosexuality and lesbianism.

Other behaviours that are explicitly forbidden include obscene or indecent conduct or expressions, disorderly or disruptive behaviour, participation in gambling activities, and involvement with pornographic, erotic, indecent, or offensive material. Furthermore, fanaticism, misuse of the university’s internet facilities, and any other actions that contradict the principles outlined in the Baze University Honour Code are strictly prohibited.

By adhering to these guidelines, students contribute to creating a community that fosters respect, integrity, and a commitment to the core values of Baze University.


Baze University Dress Code


Baze University male dress code

  1. A clean and well-cared-for appearance should be maintained.
  2. Clothing is inappropriate when it is sleeveless, bear back, bear belly, bear chest, revealing,
    or has offensive writings/photographs.
  3. Shorts are not permitted at official functions including lectures, except at sporting events.
  4. Earrings and other body piercings are not acceptable.
  5. Only Shoes or Sandals should be worn in all public campus areas.
  6. Sagging of any kind, Bathroom Slippers or Jack boots are not allowed.
  7. Wearing Face Caps or dark glasses (except on medical grounds) in Exam Halls, Classes
    or Lecture Halls is prohibited.


Baze University Female Dress Code

  1. A clean and well-cared-for appearance should be maintained.
  2. Clothing is inappropriate when it is sleeveless, strapless, backless, or revealing, has slits
    above the knee, has offensive writings/photographs or is form-fitting.
  3. Dresses, skirts, and shorts must be knee-length or longer.
  4. Shoes or Sandals should be worn in all public campus areas. Bathroom Slippers are not

Behaviour During a Lecture:

  1. Distracting Behavior: During lectures and other teaching sessions, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that does not distract fellow students or disrupt the flow of the lecture.
  2. Use of Electronic Devices: The use of mobile phones or any electronic gadgets is strictly prohibited within the classroom.
  3. Silent Mode for Phones: All mobile phones must be switched to silent mode to avoid unnecessary disruptions during lectures.
  4. Appropriate Attire: Students are required to refrain from wearing attire that displays offensive language or inappropriate photographs.
  5. Punctuality and Classroom Etiquette:
    • Students are encouraged to be punctual for lectures.
    • Leaving the classroom is only permitted for health reasons or restroom use.
    • Leaving the class for non-emergency reasons, such as making phone calls or talking to friends, is not allowed.
    • Noise-making within the classroom is strictly prohibited.
  6. Absence Policy:
    • If a student leaves the classroom during a lecture, re-entry is not allowed, and they will be marked absent for that period.
  7. Food and Drinks:
    • Eating and drinking are not permitted in the classrooms.
    • Water, however, is allowed during lectures.

Channels of Communication:

  1. Non-Academic Concerns: Students with non-academic concerns should direct their issues to the Dean of Student Affairs, who will guide them further as needed.
  2. Academic Matters:
    • For academic issues, students should contact the relevant Head of Department or the Admissions Office based on the subject or problem.
  3. Letter Writing:
    • If students need to write to the management, they should use a blank A4 paper and address the letter to their Head of Department following the appropriate business letter format.
  4. Parental Involvement:
    • Students should be aware that the university will collaborate closely with parents to maintain discipline and promote student success.

Offences and Disciplinary Actions at Baze University

In pursuit of fostering a secure and conducive learning environment, Baze University has instituted a comprehensive Code of Honour, outlining acceptable behaviour both on and, at times, off the university campus. The following are specified offences and corresponding disciplinary actions:

List of Offences and Disciplinary Actions

OffencesDisciplinary Actions
1. Religious FanaticismWarning, Rustication, or Expulsion
2. FightingWarning, Rustication, or Expulsion
3. Defacement, damage to/loss of propertyRustication or Expulsion
4. Assault (Verbal or Physical)Rustication or Expulsion
5. False Claims and ForgeryRustication or Expulsion
6. Rape, homosexuality, lesbianismRustication or Expulsion
7. Drug/alcohol use, possession and/or traffickingRustication or Expulsion
8. Insubordination evidenced by refusal to respond to requests by authorityRustication or Expulsion
9. Refusal to write a statementRustication or Expulsion
10. Use of telephone in the exam hallRustication or Expulsion
11. Chewing/destruction of exhibitsRustication or Expulsion
12. Refusal to submit answer bookletRustication or Expulsion
13. ImpersonationRustication or Expulsion
14. Entering the examination hall 30 minutes after the commencement of the examinationFail Grade
15. Threatening of University staffRustication or Expulsion
16. Carrying arms, weapons, or dangerous substanceExpulsion and reporting to Security Agencies
17. Involvement with CultismExpulsion
18. StealingRustication or Expulsion
19. Exam MalpracticeCancellation of result with the possibility of Rustication or Expulsion
20. PlagiarismCancellation of result, Warning, or Rustication
21. Indecent dressingWarning or Rustication
22. Indecent use of the internet for pornography, Cybercrime, terrorism, hacking etc.Rustication or Expulsion
23. Refusing a drug testExpulsion
24. Reckless drivingWarning, Rustication, or Expulsion
25. Use of mobile phones and other devices in classWarning or Rustication
26. Use of fireworksWarning or Rustication
27. Smoking (Including ‘Shisha’)Warning or Rustication
28. Any other act that is a criminal offenceExpulsion

Does Baze University Allow Phones

Yes, you allowed to use phones but it must be according to their rules and regulations. For example, you are not allowed to use your phone during lectures or in the exam hall. Doing so, might lead to warning or worst case, rustication.

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